Fate or destiny?

Hi, I'm Alanna, a teenage girl who's cousin happens to be Liam Payne. What will happen when Alanna gets to go backstage with Liam at the bands concert?


4. Wait, what just happened?

(Later that day, almost time for the concert).

Alanna's p.o.v

When i couldnt find Kate earlier, i called her and she told me she didn't feel well so she got a taxi home. Up until the boys had to get ready, we all just chilled and chatted. Me Niall and Zayn were talking a lot. They are really cool guys.

The boys all had to go and get ready to go on stage as the concert starts in about 10 minutes. Liam was the last to leave, he told me where to wait and where i can stand to watch the boys preform, i gave him a hug and then he left to find the boys. Just as Liam disappeared around the corner, Niall came from the other direction. He walked towards me, while smiling, i smiled back. "Are you nervous?" i asked him. "Well i feel more nervous tonight, than i have ever felt at one of our concerts." "Why's that?" i asked, "because tonight i have something im going to try and do." "And whats that?" i questioned him. "Well...there may be someone here i want to impess." he stated. I wonder who Niall likes? 

Niall's p.o.v

We were standing still, her eyes pulling me towards her, then someone who worked backstage came round the corner, obviously looking for me. "You have 5 minutes till your on Niall." he said. "Okay i will be there in two seconds." I continued staring into her eyes. I started leaning towards her, without relising, almost at her lips. Then Liam came round the corner. "What do you think your doing with my little cousin?. He asked me, shock by she scene the just walked into. "Umm.. nothing." i stuttered. Liam glared at me, then he looked slightly disapointed, turned and walked towards the stage. I just awkwardly followed. I looked back at Alanna, she looked as confused as i did, but her cheeks were flushed with pink. She waved as i continued to follow the signs to the stage. Wait, what just happened?  

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