Fate or destiny?

Hi, I'm Alanna, a teenage girl who's cousin happens to be Liam Payne. What will happen when Alanna gets to go backstage with Liam at the bands concert?


11. Tonight.


Harry and I were just about back at the bus, when i saw Niall sitting on the ground. 'Niall?' I don't understand why he's sitting out here. Niall jumped up and ran over to me and hugged me, 'Oh my god, Alanna are you alright? You were gone for like three hours, i got really worried' I didn't even relise i had been gone for so long, but before i could answer Niall, Harry hugged me and said 'Thanks again Alanna, im gonna sleep now night'. Harry jumped onto the bus. 'Well..?' Niall asked, i relised i still haven't answered him. 'Oh, right, yeah i'm fine, me and Haz were just talking about things'.

'Is he alright now?'

'Yeah, im sure he will be'.

'Good', Niall said while wrapping his arms around me, giving me a soft kiss, before i broke it and asked what everyone else is doing? Niall replied with, 'I believe that everyone is sleeping'. 'oh, okay'. We make our way inside the bus, Liam is asleep on the sofa. Niall had to run to pee, so I was left. I gently woke up Liam. 'Sorry to wake you up Li, but do you know where Kate is?'

'Oh, hey, she's in my bed, she said that you could share it with her'.

'Okay thanks Liam'. We hugged and then he went back to sleep as i tiptoed out of the sitting room and closed the door behind me. As i turned around Niall had just come out of the bathroom, and was streching.. I walked over to him and hugged him around his waist, he hugged me back. We walked into his and Liam's room. Niall offered to get changed in the toilet, to give me room to get changed.


After laying in bed for a while neither of us could sleep, Niall then suggested watching a film on his laptop. I agreed. I slid out of the bed, careful not to wake up Kate, and hopped into Niall's bed while he was looking at the dvd's using his phone as a torch. 'Alanna what film do you want to watch?'

'I don't mind, anything's good'. He chose a film and sat next to me and set up the laptop, it flashed up on the screen 'The Notebook'. Niall made himself comfy, laying down while being proped up by his pillows. He held out an arm for me to cuddle up to him, so i did. I gently placed my head on his chest with his arm around me.


Niall's pov.

Alanna didn't even make it ten minutes into the film, she fell asleep cuddled into me. I shut down my laptop and placed it on the floor beside my bed. Alanna looked so beautiful when she's asleep. I picked up my phone from my desk and took a picture of her and tweeted it '@NiallOfficial: Look how cute @alannagoodwin looks when she's sleeping :)'. Then i put my phone down, rolled over slightly and fell asleep with the most beautiful girl in the world, securely in my arms.

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