Fate or destiny?

Hi, I'm Alanna, a teenage girl who's cousin happens to be Liam Payne. What will happen when Alanna gets to go backstage with Liam at the bands concert?


5. This feeling is perfect. I think.

Alanna's p.o.v.

When the concert finished the boys all ran off the stage, and Liam picked me up and spun me around giving me a massive hug. "So what did you think of you amazing cousin up there?" Liam asked. "Oh i hated it, you guys were terrible". They all stared at me. Liam put me down. They thought i was being serious. "Im kidding, it was great, i loved it!" they all laughed. All the boys ran into the changing room, well all of them besides Niall, he was sitting on the floor with his back to the wall. He looked really upset about something. I walked over to him and sat beside him. He looked at me with his georgous blue eyes and quietly said hi. "Hey, are you okay? you look kinda down". I asked him. He opened his mouth to reply, but then closed it again. I put my hand on his knee, to comfort him and to let him know that he can tell me. "Don't worry babe, im alright" he said. "You sure?" i asked. He nodded. I knew there was something up, but i didn't want to pressure him into saying anything, so i stood up and held my hand out. He took my hand and stood up.

We walked back towards the changing room hand in hand. I didn't even realise we were still holing hands until he spun me around to face him. His eyes staring deep into my soul, warming my entire body. Then i noticed his lips, wow his lips. He gradually moved closer to me and before i knew it Niall Horan's lips were crushed against mine. I kissed him back. It was perfect.

Then somone coughed clearing their throat. We both looked at each other in sync and moved apart to see Louis standing near us in the small corridoor. 


Niall's p.o.v.

"Oh my gosh, Louis please promise you won't say anything to the boys, especially Liam". "Okay, but if it accidentally slips out it was not my fault". Before i could say anything he ran off down the corridoor to the room Harry is in. I was going to go after him but then i realised, Alanna. Where is she.

I ran back down the corridoor, to hear someone crying in one of the storage rooms. I opened the door to see Alanna, sitting in the corner with tears running down her face. "Alanna, whats wrong?" i asked her, did i do something? "No..noth..nothing, i..i'm fine", she replied through her tears. I closed the door and sat down beside her. She looked at me, then she really started crying. I put my arms around her and i was rocking her gently. When she stopped crying, i stopped rocking her and i wiped her tears from her cheaks, she was still in my arms. "So, are you really going to tell me whats wrong now?" i asked her. "Umm...okayy, but can you please tell me what was wrong with you first?", "Umm, sure". I didn't really want to say this just yet but...here goes nothing.

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