Fate or destiny?

Hi, I'm Alanna, a teenage girl who's cousin happens to be Liam Payne. What will happen when Alanna gets to go backstage with Liam at the bands concert?


6. Thank you Harry.

Niall's p.o.v:


Okayy..... "So, Liam told all us boys that you and Kate we're coming here". She looked confused and then said "Yeah?.." I continued, "He also said that none of us can, like, date either of you, he said if he found out, there would be trouble." Her face was still blank, i had to explain fully. "Alanna" I took a breath, "I like you okay, i like you more than im meant to, earlier i was thinking, which then made me upset, i was thinking about what i should do. I dont even know if you like me back, and-"  Thats when she stopped me talking by gently placing her lips on mine, it felt just, well perfect. Then we sat for a while gazing into each others eyes, until she asked, "Does that answer it?"  "Well now Wow. Well now i know that, but what about Liam?" I can't just tell him, i mean, how will he react? I dont really want to find out. "We don't have to tell anyone, i mean it's  not like anything is going to really happen between us anyway." after she said that she looked like she was going to start to cry again, she turned away from me. "Is that why you are crying, because you thought-" I didnt get to finish before she said, "Even if you did like me back, with the tour, management and obviously Liam....."She didn't finish, but she didn't need to, i understood what she was saying. Without really thinking i pulled her onto my lap and quickly kissed her on the lips. She looked at me, "Trust me when i say this.." She nodded for me to carry on. "If you were my girlfriend, even if we kept it a secret, I, well i would make something happen between us, whether it came with me getting in trouble with management, or me losing my friendship with Liam, whatever happens i would make something work, so, will you?" She has tears in her eyes, "Will i what?" she whispered. "Alanna, would you do the honours of being my girlfriend?" I looked into her eyes, she burst into tears and i held her into my chest, as she was already in my lap. I was about to apologise and tell her that it was okay, but just before i had the chance to she sat back up. I wiped away the lost tears on her cheeks, she smiled and said, "Yes, yes i will Niall." I think that today feels like it's one of the best day in my life.


Alanna's p.o.v:

I got off Niall's lap and sat back down beside him, i smiled, and he returned it and held my hand. Wow. Niall. Me. I. But what i-  Then the door swung open, stopping me in my thoughts. Harry. "Wow, Lou was telling the truth"  Harry said suprised, he was about to leave when Niall stood up, pulling me gently with him, "Harry, don't tell anyone, and make sure Lou doesn't either" Niall sounded serious, yet sort of calm. "I won't, and yes, i will make sure Lou keeps his mouth shut, but you do relise Liam w-" "Yes i know." Niall said cutting Harry off, "Okay then mate." Harry said before closing the door and walking off. I looked at Niall. What if they tell Liam, i thought. I guess Niall saw my worried expression because he pulled me into a comforting embrace, and whispered, "Shh..It will be okay the boys will keep it a secret, and if they dont they will have me to answer to. Then i mumbled to myself, But you will have to answer to Liam. I guess he heard, as he then dropped the hug held my hand and told me that him and Li are like brothers and that Liam wont stay made at him for long. I smiled as we walked out of the storage room and we dropped hands just before we walked into the same room that Harry and Lou were in. Niall told Harry that he wanted to talk to him or something, so both of the boys walked out of the room. Louis put down the ps4 control, and patted the sofa beside him for me to sit down. I sat down and then he pulled me into a hug. When he let me go i said, "What was that for?" "Im sorry i told Harry i just couldn't keep it from him, we tell each other everything, forgive me?" He gave me puppy do eyes. I completely understood and i wasn't even angry with him in the first place, but i decided to drag him out a bit longer. "Well i don't know...." He hugged me really tightly, shaking me a little bit and pleaded, "PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, ALANNA!?" "Umm...Well.. Okay then!" We both laughed and Niall and Harry came back in the room. Louis ran over to Niall hugged him and then pulled him over to the sofa, while saying, "Your going to play fifa with me now!" We all laughed, I went and sat next to Harry, " What did you talk about, you know with Niall?" i asked him. "Well he told me about you and him, he said that we should know the whole story, instead of just half, and told me to tell Lou later on, and i promised not to tell anyone else." Harry and i looked at each other, "Thank you Harry" I said to him. Before he could respond Louis started to run round the room with his shirt pulled round his head screaming, "I SCORED, I SCORED." Then Harry said, "Hate to burst your bubble mate, but since you've been running around, Niall has also scored. I looked at Niall, and he was smirking at me, with his loveable cheeky irish grin. 

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