Fate or destiny?

Hi, I'm Alanna, a teenage girl who's cousin happens to be Liam Payne. What will happen when Alanna gets to go backstage with Liam at the bands concert?


2. He understands me.

Alanna's p.o.v:

"Oh my gosh guess what!" Kate shouted as she jumped onto my bed. "What, why are you so excited?" I replied, while laughing slightly. "My brother is taking you and i backstage at his concert this weekend, to meet the rest of the boys!" I didn't really know how to respond to that, i mean it took me a while to get round my head the fact that i will be meeting them.

"And the best part is, Harry will be there!" obviously. "Well done, he's in the band too you know" i said sarcastically, with a smirk on my face. "Ha ha very funny, but he's sooo fit!". "i know he is, but Niall is too cute, he is definitely my favourite!".

I've liked One Direction for a while now, well since they were in x-factor actually, and Liam knew i had a little crush on Niall. Since i was little Liam was the only person that could tell what i was thinking about and if i was okay or not, he understands me. I would say that i'm quite a shy person. but Kate is the complete opposite, everyone know's she 'likes' Harry, she never stops talking about him. 


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