16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


9. "This is the one" ; Ashton's POV

"I love you Em! And our baby too." I said to Emma. She just called me, to tell me we were gonna be a family. I was actually gonna call my mum to help me with something super important, when she called to tell me the news. Instead of placing my phone in my pocket, I called my mum.

"Hey mum!"

"Oh hi Ash!"

"Hey mum.. can you drive to 2nd street? It's about 30-50 minutes away. I need your help with something. If you need me to, I can have a cab come get you."

"Sure Ash. Can you get me a cab?"

"Yeah mum. I'll call you when they're on the way. I got two things to tell you! I love you mum. I'll call you back in a few."

I hung up, and called a cab company. I gave them my mum's address, and asked them to bring her back over to 2nd street. I texted the boys telling them to meet me at a local pizzeria, to tell them the news. I walked to the pizzeria and ordered a pizza for us. I sat at a booth and waited for them to come. Michael came first, and he sat by me, then came Calum and Luke.

"So, why'd you want us to come here?" Michael asked.

I smiled. "Well, I have two things to tell you guys."

"Which is?" Calum says.

"Well, guys, let's just say I am going to be a husband AND father, and you guys will be my groomsmen and uncles!"

"WHAT?!" They all shout at me at once.

"Well, Em and I had our 'first' the night of the party. Well, she called me earlier, and she is almost 2 months pregnant! But I was thinking, I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and our baby. So, I am going to propose. She doesn't know I am going too, though."

"Ash, I'm excited for you and Emma, but are you sure you are ready to be a father and husband?" Calum asked.

"Cal, you gotta think about this. Emma is 16. He is 17. They both are working, they are stable enough to raise a baby, and they are in love, they're soul mates. Maybe this is a sign that is telling them it's time to make this.. official." Luke said. After look said that, the pizza was delivered. We ate the pizza, and talked about things.

"So Ashton, if you got to choose a name for the baby, what would you name it?" Mikey asked.

"If it's a girl, Isabella. If it's a boy, Mathew." I said.

We finished the pizza, paid and left the tip, then we said our goodbyes and separated. I called my mum to see where she is at.

"Hey mum. Where are you?"

"I am 5 minutes away, Ash. Where do you want to meet?"

"Ask the cab driver where he'd stop at."
"Hey sir, where can we stop at so I can meet up with my son?"

The man mumbled something.

"In front of the floral shop, Ash. I see it know."

"Okay, I'm walking to it now. See ya in a few."
I walked to the floral shop, and saw the cab pull up. My mum got out, paid the cab driver, and walked to me and hugged me.
"Oh my baby!" She said, still clinging onto me.

"Mum, can you let go of me? Haha."
"Oh sorry babe, I just got excited to see you."

"Its okay, mum. I need your help picking out a ring."
"A ring? For Emma?"

"Yes. I am going to propose."

"So are we gonna get her a ring today?"

"That's the plan."

"So was this half of the news?"

"Yes, and the other half is I am going to be a dad." I said, smiling.

"Ashton Irwin! Did you get Emma pregnant?"
"It was our first time, mum! Emma found out recently that we are gonna be a family."

"How is she taking it?"

"I think she is still getting use to the fact that she is carrying a baby. But, she will be a good mum."

"I know Ash. So are you two planning on living together to raise the baby together?"
"We haven't talked about it."

"Oh, well maybe I'll stop by Emma's house tomorrow and talk to her."

"Okay, mum. If she has your support, plus mine, Logan's, Julie's, and the boys, then I think it'll definitely make her feel better about this."
"Yes, I know Ashton. I know how her situation is, and how hard it is."
"I know, mum. I know Emma will really appreciate you being there for her, especially if I can't be since I'll be on tour."

We walked into the jewelry store.

"Hello, what are you looking for today?" A woman named Beth asked us.

"We are looking for an engagement ring."

"Okay, well our selection is right over here. If you see anything you want just tell me."

My mum and I glanced at each ring, until my mum came upon one.

"Ash, I think this is a pretty ring." My mum said, pointing to it.

"Miss, may you get that ring out so we can examine it?" I asked Beth.

"Sure." She said, opening the glass door so she could get the ring. She explained what type of ring it was, how much, and everything about it. I glanced at my mum.

"Do you like this ring, mum?"

"Like it? I love it! And I know Emma will too."
"This it is mum." I said, smiling from ear to ear. "This is the one."

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