16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


3. The Party, Part 2 ; Emma's POV

                Logan and I finally arrived at Michael’s place.

“I’m gonna text Ash and have him meet us out here.” I tell Logan. She replies with an okay and turns to glance out the window.

“Hey, I see Ash.” Logan says.

I turn to look out her window and there was my babe. I turn my car off, unbuckle myself, and jumped out of my car and over into his arms.

“Hi baby” I say excitedly.

He smiled and said “Hey beautiful which made my cheeks go red. I couldn’t see but I heard a car door shut, so I assumed it was Logan exiting out of my car.

“Let’s get inside, Em.” Ashton says. He grabs my hand and we walk into Michael’s house.

The house had so many teenage girls and boys scattered about. The music was blasted, but it sounded silent due to the screams, shouts, and voices talking amongst each other. Ashton and I tried to go somewhere private to have some us time, but there wasn’t a single empty spot in Michael’s house.
“Babe, why don’t we go back to my place?” I said. I live with my adopted mom, Julie. My adopted dad, Ryan, passed away when I was 6. He was in a motorcycle accident, and was killed by the impact. Julie is the lead singer for the band “We The Broken” and is usually touring, doing meet and greets, recording, or promoting her band, so she is usually gone, leaving me home alone.

“Sure Em.” Ash says. We walk outside and I get in my car. I was in the driver seat when Ashton says,

“I’m driving, babe.” I move over to the passenger side, and he hops in. I hand him my keys and we drive off.

                We arrive at my house and Ash gets out, he runs over to my side to open my door.

“Thanks baby.” I said. He grabbed my hand and we walked inside.

“I’m gonna change” I tell Ash. I walk into my room and take off my clothes, changing into a white camisole, and black shorts.

“Ashton come here” Ashton walks into my room, and says “Yes babe?”

“Let’s go all the way, Ashton.” I said.

Ash stood there, and finally said “Are you sure Em? I don’t want to do anything you aren’t ready for.”

“I’m ready, Ashton.” I said.

I walked over to Ashton, and we kissed. We walked over to my bed and I lay down. And we um.. well you can figure at the rest.

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