16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


2. The Party, Part 1 ; Logan's POV

"Hey Dani, I'm going to a party with Em. Is that okay?" I ask my sister.

"Sure Logan. Who's party?" Dani replies.

Dani is short for Danielle, my 20 year old sister. Our parents divorced, and moved separate places. My mom wanted to drag me to New York, and my dad wanted me to stay in Australia with him. Since I'm 16, I got to choose, and I requested to stay in Australia with my sister.

"Michael's party." I said.

"Oh, that's fine."

I happily sighed. I looked at my phone and saw that Emma texted me.


Hey boo<3. I'll pick you up at 6. See you then!

xoxo, Em

I smiled, and went to my room. I went to my dresser and grabbed black high-waisted skinny jeans, and an old Nirvana tank top. I put those on, then had Dani curl my hair. By the time I was ready, it was 5:45. I put a little bit off mascara on, put on some red lipstick, and then walked to the living room. I grabbed my jacket, bag, and said bye to Dani. I walked outside and waited for Em to show up. About 5 minutes after, she showed up. I walk over to her car and get in.

"Hey boo!" She says excitedly.

"Hi Em. I got you and Ashton a present." I say in a flirty way.

"Oh god, Logan.. You getting me and Ash a present? This can't be good."

I laugh. "Well, I already gave it to Ashton."

Emma got silent, then said "It isn't anything bad, right?"
"Well, it'll help you guys out for tonight... and sometime in the future."

We stopped talking about it, and listened to some music. We arrived at Michael's house, and saw a bunch of cars already parked.

"Hey, I'm gonna text Ashton and have him come out here to meet us." Emma said.


Emma pulled out her phone and started to type.

I looked out the window and saw Ashton walking toward us.

"Em, I see Ash."

Emma glanced over, shut her car off, unbuckled and jumped out of her car and into Ashton's arms. I unbuckled myself, and got out of her car.

Michael's house was filled with teenagers, some I knew, some anonymous. I make my way through crowds of these strangers, and try to find Michael. I felt a cold hand brush onto my shoulder, as a mysterious person whispers slowly "You're mine for tonight."

It was obviously Mike, so I turn around to see him.

"Haha Mikey, very funny." I say.

He grabbed my hand and we started walking toward the stairs. We went upstairs to his room.
"Why are we in here?" I ask slowly.

Michael came over to me and put his hands around my waist.
"Because I have to ask you something.. well tell you something too.

I um, I have liked you for a long time now, actually I think I'm in love with you..

You probably don't even like me anyways so, ha. It's pointless for me to tell you this.''

I started to blush, and without thinking I kissed Michael.

"I love you, Michael. I always have, I just didn't think you felt the same."
He smiled.

"So, Logan, would you um.. like to be my girlfriend?"

I nodded, and jumped into his arms.

"I love you Mikey." I said, giggling.

"I love you Logan."

After that, we started kissing, and soon enough our clothes were trailing on his bedroom floor. It all seemed surreal, every kiss, every I love you, everything.

And in this moment, we were thinking about our love now.. but never our future.


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