16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


1. The Invite ; Emma's POV

"Logan! Guess what!" I say cheerfully. I watch my best friend turn to look at me.

"God Emma! Just shout right into my ear. What did you want?" Logan says rudely.

"Why so grumpy, boo? Because I was the one to talk to Michael and also got him to invite us to his party over break?" Logan glances at me, with happiness shining in her eyes.

"You mean.. you.. you got us invited to Michael's party?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Logan says happily. She likes Michael, Michael Clifford. 18 years old. Guitarist in the local band Five Seconds Of Summer. Michael likes her too, but is a bit shy to admit it.

"Yes Logan. I got me and you invited to Michael's party. Well, Ashton would have made him invite us anyways haha. I mean, Ash and Mikey are in the same band." I said, watching her get even more excited."

She throws herself onto my futon and grabs a pillow, puts it over her face, and squeals with happiness. I take the pillow and hit her. We both laugh until we are crying, when suddenly we here some guys laughing. We look up to see Ashton and Calum watching us, laughing at our stupidity. I run over and jump into Ashton's arms and kiss him.
"Hey babe" I say, then giggle.
"Hi darling." He says, flashing me a smile.
Calum and Logan look at each other, put their fingers in their mouths and make a gagging noise. I pick up a pillow and throw it at Logan.
"Shut up, Mrs. Clifford." I say.
I watch Logan's cheeks get to a pinkish-red tone.
"Really Emma? Really? Mrs. Clifford?"
I giggle.
"Hey babe, me and Calum are gonna go help Mikey plan his party. We gotta go. I love you, Em. I can't wait to see you guys at the party tomorrow. Mike will send the info, unless he forgets. Just tell me, Calum or Luke and we'll give you the info." Ashton says, as he pulls me in for a kiss, then hug.
"Bye Ash. I love you." I say.
Logan and I wave bye to the boys.
"Tomorrow is it, Logan. Make a move! The boys will be touring with One Direction you know. They'll be gone for 8 months. It's either tomorrow or wait until they return. But that'll be a long time, and by then Mikey could have found someone else."
Logan nods, then says, "Yup. I guess it's now or never right?"
I nod, and say, "It's now or never, Logan."
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