16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


6. Testing ; Emma's POV

Even though I wasn't feeling better after a few days of feeling ill, I didn't want to anger my boss so I went into work. I had to be at work at 9:00 a.m., and it was 5:30 a.m. at the moment so I had a bit. I was woken up earlier by urges to vomit, and just my luck I was on my knees by the toilet half the morning. I kept vomiting, even though I should be okay by now. After I felt okay enough to get ready, I hopped into the shower. As I washed my stomach, I noticed it was hard. I didn't think much of it, and kept showering. I got out, and blow-dried my hair, then brushed it and put it into a bun. I did my makeup, and put on my clothes. I looked over at my clock and saw it was 6:57, which meant I had time to make myself breakfast. I was craving French toast topped with whip cream and some fruit, so I made that. I made fresh orange juice, drank some milk, and after I was finished I placed the dishes in the dishwater. It was 7:40, so I called Ashton, but he didn't answer. I walked around my house, and glanced into our extra rooms. We had about 6-7 rooms here. My room, Julie's, Logan's room, which is connected to my room, then 2 extra rooms we have kept empty. I walked downstairs, and walked outside. I went over to our guest house, and looked around. Julie always told me, that if I wanted to I could move over if Logan or Ashton ever needed to move in. It would be either me and Logan's, or me and Ashton's. Ashton, The thought of him made me smile, even though I didn't feel well. I glanced at my phone and saw it was 8:23. I locked the guest house door, and walked back into my house, and grabbed my bag, then walked to my car. I drove off, and went to work.

"That'll be $8.95." I said politely to the customer. Today my boss, Marie, left me in charge of the cash register. The customer gave me $10, I took it then handed her the $1.05.

"No, you keep it. You're such a lovely girl. Not many girls like you." I smiled and thanked the customer, before Marie came over.

"Hey Emma. You can go home, you seem a bit ill today. I know you want to stay and work, but I think you should get well before attending school or work." She handed me a 'Get Well Soon' package, with balloons, a bear, a card, and some other things. I thanked her, and then went to clock-out. I went down to the aisle with pregnancy test. I was curious to see how these work, so I took one box that contained 3 test, that was $20, which I could easily purchase before I left. I picked up some gummy bears, popcorn, some various candies, and some water. I went to the self checkout and purchased my items, then walked to my car. I sat the things in the back, and called Logan.

"Hey boo. Do you wanna crash with me today? I'll get some pizzas, and I got some candy for us. I can pick you up and we can go rent some movies, sound like a plan? I um, I also got something to show you, and I want you to be here with me."

"Sure. I can be ready in about 15 minutes."

"Good. I'm at work now, but Marie let me leave early so I'll be there in about 25 minutes."

"Okay! Bye boo! I love you, see you soon!"

I hung up, and started to drive toward Logan's house. I listened to the CD Ashton made me on the way to her house. I finally pulled onto the road she lives on. I took out the CD and placed in the CD of songs me and Logan love. She ran out to my car and threw her bag into the back with my other stuff.

"Heeeeey!" Logan says excitedly.

"Hi! Can you call Justin's Pizzeria to order our pizzas. Have them deliver to my house."
Logan nodded, then called the pizzeria. We ordered 2 cheese, 1 pepperoni, and a small vegetarian pizza. They said they'd deliver in 30-45 minutes which was enough time for us to get home and unloaded. After 20 minutes of singing every song on the CD, our voices loud but not that good, we pulled into my driveway. I parked my car in the garage, and grabbed my bags. Logan grabbed her bag, and we locked the doors then entered the house.

"So what did you want to show me?" Logan ask, tossing her bag onto the red sofa.

"Well, sit down."

Logan walked to the sofa and sat down.

"Yes? Em is there something wrong?"

"I haven't gotten my monthly, last month or this month. I've been puking every morning, my stomach has been tight and hard. I think.. I think I may be pregnant. I got a box of pregnancy test that contains 3 test. I'm gonna take each test, and see if I'm pregnant or not. I hope I'm just ill or something. Ashton will leave me if I'm pregnant!" I said, as I began to cry.

Logan was in tears. She held onto me and we cried.

"Em, if you are pregnant, I will be here 100%. All throughout it, and even after."

"P-p-promise?" I stutter.

The doorbell rang, and we assumed it was the pizza. I grabbed $30 out of my wallet and walked to the door. I paid the guy, and grabbed the pizza. I shut the door and sat the pizzas on the counter.
"I have to pee before we eat!" I said.

I grabbed one pregnancy test and headed to the bathroom.

I went pee and layed the test on the counter. When I walked out there, Logan was standing there.

"Well?" She ask.

"Well what? I'm not gonna view the test. Imma wait and pee on the others then we shall see if I am having a baby or not."

We went downstairs and grabbed the pizza then went to my room and watched movies. I brought the tests with me so I could place them in my bathroom. About 1 1/2 hours later, I finally used all 3 test.

"Logan... it's time to see what my results are.."

Logan walked in and I placed the test on the counter, making sure the screen was facing the countertop.

"We'll flip them after 3.. Okay?"
"Ready... One.. Two... Three."

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