16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


8. "I'm Pregnant, Ashton." ; Emma's POV

"You are about 1 1/2 months along along. You have 7 1/2 months left in the pregnancy. It seems like a long time, but the time will go by fast!" Dr. Gabrielle Nayers informed me. I got my first ultrasound, and got the baby pictures, which she copied for me so we can put in the nursery, and in a baby book. I decided since I'm almost 2 months along, I should tell Ashton. I left Dr. Nayers office and walked to my van. I reached in my bag and got my phone out. I turned it on, and went to contacts. I clicked on Ashton's number and it started to ring. I clicked onto the speaker.

"Hey darling!" I hear Ashton say cheerfully.

"Hi babe. Listen, I gotta tell you something super important. Please, just.. don't freak out."

"What's wrong?"

"Ashton, um, well.. I don't know how to tell you this."

"You can tell me anything babe, please just tell me."

"I um.. I.." I stuttered. I didn't think telling Ashton I'm pregnant was gonna be so hard.

"Emma! Please tell me what you are trying to say."

"I'm pregnant, Ashton." I finally said.

He got silent.

"You.. You're pregnant? Th.. the baby.. it's mine- I mean ours... right?"

"Ashton, my first and only time was with you, so obviously yes. We're gonna be parents. Logan knows, Julie knows, and now you. I just left the doctor. I am 1 1/2 months along, almost 2. I go back 2 weeks for my 2 month check-up."
"What did Julie say?" Ashton asked.

"She said that she supports us and is gonna be there for us throughout everything. If we want, we can move to the guest house. I mean, we have enough room for us and our baby." After I said that, I realized Ashton never seen the inside of the guest house.

"I'm gonna call my mum, babe! And tell the boys, of course. I'm just, I'm gonna be a daddy! To a beautiful baby, who will have a beautiful, amazing, loving mum." He said cheerfully.

"Okay babe, but you forgot that our baby will have an amazing, loving, and perfect father. I love you, and our baby does too! Hehe, call your mum babe. And tell the boys that they'll be uncles."

Ashton said he loves us, and then we ended our conversation. I smiled. This was happening. I was starting a family with the love of my life.

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