16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


10. Home for the Holidays ; Emma's POV

"Hey Julie, I was wondering, um, since me and Ashton will be starting a family, can we move into the guest house?" I asked Julie, not expecting her to say yes.

"Babe, you know I have told you that if you want to, you and Ashton or you and Logan can move into there. Of course! Since it isn't furnished, you and Logan can go shopping, and hire some painters. It's up to you."

"Thanks Julie! Just remember that we will still be with you, just over in the guest house. Hehe, I love you Julie! See you when you get home. I miss you so much."

"Love you too, darling. And remember to update me on the results today!"

"I will!" I said, before hanging up. I was 3 months along already, and every month so far has been good. I texted Logan asking if she'd like to go to the doctor's with me, then to go get some furniture. She responded back saying yes, to go pick her up on my way to the doctor's office. I grabbed a jacket and my bag and drove to Logan's house. When I arrived I saw her on the front porch waiting.

"Hey Em! Hey to my little niece or nephew." Logan said, the last part in a baby-like voice. We discussed how the house should look, how I want the baby's nursery to be, and so much more. We finally arrived at the Doctor's office, and we walked in. I signed in, and finally we went back. I got up onto the table and Dr. Gabrielle came in.

"Hey Emma! Ready to see your baby?"

"Yes I am." She put this cold jell stuff on my stomach, and then started the ultrasound.

"So Emma, got any named picked out?"

"Well for a boy I really like Joshua, and for a girl I like Victoria."

I glanced over to see my baby... and something else?

"Um.. Dr. Nayers, what is that thing behind my baby?" I said, scared it was something bad.

"Lets find out." She said, zooming in on the thing behind the baby.

"Well Emma, congratulations."

"For what?"
"You have twins!"

I was shocked.
"You.. you mean there's 2 babies?"

"Yes there is."
I kind of took it in, that there was two little me and Ashton's in my tummy.

"When can you tell me if they're identical or fraternal?" I asked.

"Right now." She said.

She checked and finally said they were identical twins. Oh boy.

We got pictures of both babies, and we decided to go furniture shopping. First we went to this store that seemed to have nice couches, and chose a nice black lounge sofa, a black coffee table, two white studded chairs, this white studded ottoman, a black bookshelf, some paintings, and a dining room table with chairs. We gave them our address, saying that it goes into the guest house, the house to the side, that's fenced in. I told them to bring the furniture in 3 days, enough time to get some painting done. We went to Frank's Paint Supply to choose some paints for the Master Suite, basement, dining room, office, living room, the downstairs master bedroom, and the guest room. We asked a worker if we could hire some painters, and he said yes. We hired 3 painters, and asked them to come out today. We showed the worker all the colors we needed. A bright yellow and grey for the trims in the downstairs master for a 'neutral' feel, a bright ocean blue for the walls and white paint for the trims in the dining room, a medium shade of purple for me and Ashton's room, a bit dark red for the living room, and black paint for the trims in the living room. Our office was going to be a light green with brown trims. The guest room was going to be a tan color. We circled each color on the paper paint slips, and gave them to the worker. He said he'd tell the 3 workers which paints go where, by putting sticky notes on each paper, stating which room. He let me make sure he had each color and room matched up perfectly, and once he did, we thanked him and then left. I was going to pay them when they got out to my house. Logan and I left Frank's Paint Supply, and decided to go baby shopping. We went to a baby store called Baby Bundles, which had clothes, toys, furniture, supplies such as diapers, bottles, wipes, diaper bags, etc. They also had a section for clothing for pregnant mums, which I could get stuff from. We walked into the store and was greeted by the woman at the cash register.

"Hello! Welcome to Baby Bundles. We have everything from the needed essentials, furniture, toys, clothes for both baby and mum, and so much more. Feel free to look around, and if you need help let me know." She said cheerfully. I looked at her name tag. Her name is Felicia.

"Thank you, Felicia." Logan and I started to walk around, looking at the furniture. I didn't want to buy anything yet, I wanted to wait. We walked back to the clothing for women, and I picked out a few things I like. We finished our shopping at Baby Bundles and walked to my van.

"The babies and I are hungry, let's go grab something to eat." I said to Logan.

"Sure, what do you want to eat?" Logan asked.

"I want.. I dunno. I'll let you choose."

"How about we go to The Sandwich Shop and pick up some sandwiches. Sound good?" She asked.

"Sounds great." I said as we drove to the restaurant. We passed some stores with Christmas items in them.

"I haven't went Christmas shopping yet, and today is what? The 16th? I gotta start shopping asap! Haha. Only 9 more days until Christmas. We gotta get the tree up, and decorate. Damn, this whole baby ordeal is getting me distracted." I said to Logan.

I called up Julie. "Hi! I got exciting news! For Christmas. I can't wait to tell you all! When will you be home?"

"I will be home on the 23rd. Who's coming over for Christmas?" She asked.

"Aunt Eloise, Nathan, Jason, Chloe and her fiancé, George, Stefanie, Grandma and Grandpa Walters, Cyndi, Lisa, Shawn, all our cousins, Jake and Jessie and their kids, Ashton's mum, and I think some more of our family members, I'm not for sure." I told her. "We haven't started decorating but I'm going to call Ashton's mum and see if she can come help us decorate."

"Oh, okay sweetheart! I love you and the baby! I can't wait to see you guys in four days! I'll see you Tuesday! Bye babe!" She said, before hanging up.

"We love you too! Bye!" I said to her. I hung up and looked at Logan. We walked into the Sandwich Shop and ordered our food, and got it to go. We drove back to my house. We went inside, ate the sandwiches, then called Ashton's mum. We asked if she could come over and help us decorate for Christmas, which she said she would. 10 minutes later, she was here at my house. When she entered the house, she wrapped her arms around me.

"Hi Emma! How's the baby?" She said, placing a hand on my stomach.

"The baby is doing super well. Well, I haven't asked Ashton yet, but I am currently in the process of painting and furnishing the guest house, and if he wants too, he can live with me in the guest house."  I told her.

"I think he'd love that, Emma. I'm very happy that you are already trying to prepare being a family of 3 now."

"Thank you, I'm just afraid that after the boys and Julie go back on tour and everything, I'll be raising the family alone."
Logan piped in, saying "Emma, you'll have me."

"And me, dear." Said Mrs. Irwin.

"Thank you, both of you. I am really happy I am getting the support system ready now, rather than having to do this all last minute."

We decorated, put the Christmas tree up, and made some cookies. We sat around, and ate the cookies while watching some Christmas movies.

Now that I know I'm going to have two babies, I know that me and Ash will have our hands full. I just hope that wants everyone finds out, they are still supportive. It's definitely going to especially hard when Ashton, Michael, Luke, and Calum go record, make music videos, or tour again. I tried to push these thoughts away, so I could enjoy time with Ashton's mum and Logan. After the movie was over, Mrs. Irwin headed home so she could wrap some presents. Logan and I drank some hot cocoa before Dani called her, saying she needs help cleaning their house before their parents fly in for Christmas. Logan had to leave, so it was just me and my babies. I got onto my laptop and started shopping for Christmas. I bought Ashton this drum set he's been wanting for a long time, some band tees, sneakers. I bought Logan a few gift cards, some clothes from Hot Topic, a jacket, boots, and a bag. I continued to shop, and even bought the twins a few things. The gifts were suppose to be pre-wrapped with each name on the gift, so I didn't have to do much work. I walked upstairs, ran a bath, and before I got in, I heard a knock on the door. I went downstairs, and opened the door. I couldn't believe it.

"Ash..Ashton.. I didn't think you'd be home for Christmas." I said, as I started to cry.

"Babe, I wanted to surprise you! Aren't you surprised?"
"Obviously Ashton! I was actually about to get a bath, to try and relax. But we need to talk, Ash."

"Oh, okay. Let's go get that bath!"

"Really Ashton?" I said, giggling. "A bath together?"

"Well, we'll be a family." He said, rubbing the small bump that hid our babies.

"Fine Ashton, hehe." He swept me up and we went upstairs. He stripped down and we got into the tub.

"So Ash, I don't know if I should tell you now or later, but I guess now. Ash, we aren't going to be a family of 3."

Ashton looked sad. "What why?! Please, I need us and the baby!"

"Ash, we're going to be a family of 4."
Ashton started rambling, "Who is this 4th? Who is he?!" He was pissed.

"Ash, we're having twins. Identical twins."

He calmed down. "T-two babies? Two?"

"Yes Ash, two. I think we should tell everyone on Christmas day."

He flashed me a smile, and I saw his dimples which made me smile too.

"We should."

"So Ash, will you be home for the holidays and a little bit after?" I said, expecting him to be leaving the day after Christmas.

"Yes babe. I'm going to be home for the holidays." He said as he kissed the babies. He was still by my stomach. "Daddy's going to be home for the holidays, guys."

I smiled and kissed him. Today was absolutely perfect. Finding out it's twins, getting the house ready, and now this. Who could ask for more?

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