16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


20. Alone ; Emma's POV

Lonely. I've been feeling this. I had Josh and Isabelle interacting by kicking, punching, or simply moving in my stomach, but it didn't feel the empty hole inside. Logan was out of the hospital, recovering. When she was in the hospital, I had someone to be with. With Julie being on a local tour, Ashton and the boys on their tour, and me being off of work for a while, I was lonely. The only thing I had was our home to decorate. Their bedding, Ashton and I's bedding and furniture, the décor for the halls and family room, guest room bedding and décor, and the things for the playroom were delivered. I decided to just go ahead and decorate. I worked on Ashton and I's room, then the twins' rooms. I got to the guest room and was putting the sheets on. My chest started to hurt really badly. I knew the doctor had said I'd have heart burn because the babies had full heads of hair, and plus my milk supply would be coming in. I had a special medication that helped ease the pains, that was approved for pregnant women to take. I decided to take some, so I did, before returning back to what I was doing. I finished placing the bedding on the guest bed, then placed the pillows onto the bed. I arranged everything and made it feel comfy and roomy. I decided to start moving my clothes, make-up, and things over to our home. I went back over, grabbed some bags and suitcases, then started packing up my clothes and makeup. I moved everything over, and placed my makeup on my side of the counter, my things being on the right side of the counter. I arranged my things, and got everything placed in there. I put my dresses, jackets, hoodies, and shoes in the closet, and placed the other things on my sides of our dresser. I called Ashton to see when he'd be able to get his things moved in.

"Hello Emma, how's the lovely mum and wife to be doing?" He said cheerfully.

"I'm fine, just lonely. Anyways, I just got most of the things where they need to go, I got all the rooms ready to go, I even got my clothes, shoes, and makeup/hair things in the bathroom on my side. But I have a question, when do you want to move your things in?" I asked him.

He was silent for a few minutes, then said "Call my mum and see if you can gather up what's mine there."

"Okay. I love you babe! Bye!" I said, before hanging up so I could call Ashton's mum.

"Hello?" She said in a hoarse voice.

"Hi!" I said.

"Is this my soon to be daughter Emma?" She said, her voice cracking.

"Yes it is. I was just calling to ask about Ashton's things. I have been getting the nurseries, playroom, guests rooms, and our room move in ready, but it isn't fully finished without Ashton's things, or him. I was wondering if maybe I could stop by in a few and get his things? If you're okay with that." I said, trying to not seem pushy. I didn't want her to think I'm forcing this or anything.

"I'd love to do that but I'm a bit on the ill side at the moment. I just don't want to get you ill, darling. Maybe when I'm better we can do this?" She asked.

"Sure! I hope you feel better soon. Bye!" I said. I texted Ash, letting him know his mum was ill. I realized I hadn't talked to Marie, Jessica, Hannah, and Beth in awhile, so I texted them. Jessica, Beth, and Hannah said they'd come over, and Marie said she'd be over when she got off of work. I waited for them to get here, so I went and ordered some pizza, and made cupcakes. Beth showed up first, and helped me make the cupcakes. We talked, laughed, and had fun. We placed the trays of cupcakes we had made into the oven. We picked out of the videos we'd watch later, when we heard a knock on the door. We raced to the door, and saw Hannah standing there with her overnight bag, and a overly large gift bag.

"Hi Emma! Hello baby.." She said, trailing off on the last part. I forgot, they didn't know it was twins! Or the names.. or genders.

"Well, actually it's babies, we're expecting twins. One girl, one boy. Isabella Victoria and Joshua Mathew Irwin." I said, smiling.

"Well, I guess it's your lucky day, haha. I didn't know what you were having, or if you knew so I got you a few things." She said. We walked over to the couch and I opened the bag. I pulled out two blankets, one a soft pink with leopard printed trims with a matching plush teddy, and then a hot pink with zebra printed which also had a matching plush teddy. Also some little girl outfits. Then came things for Josh. A sky blue with monkey printed blanket, a grey and blue soft blanket, a plush car and plush bear, and some clothes for him. There were some neutral onesies, sleep and plays, socks and shoes, blankets, bottles. A small package of wipes and diapers, and some toys. I started to cry.

"I thought you said you bought a few things! This a lot! Awh, Hannah, you didn't have to buy all these things!" I said, getting teary-eyed. She hugged me, and said,

"It's all for the babies, Em. I know it's hard to be a young mum." After she said that I remembered that her older sister, Scarlett, was a teen mum too. She has a 3 year old named Rosalina, I believe. But her baby daddy bailed on them both when he received the message that he was going to be a dad. I started thinking, what if Ashton leaves me? I mean, he knows we were gonna have a baby, until we heard we were gonna have two babies, and he hasn't tried to leave. But after the babies get here, he might try and bail. Bad thoughts ran through my head, but I pushed them aside. I needed time with my girls, before I became a mum and wife. I whispered a gentle 'thank you' to Hannah. After that we got the cupcakes out of the oven, and decorated them. The mess we made was huge but worth it. Jessica waited 'til Marie got off work, and they carpooled together. We had a bunch of fun, and I updated them on everything, gave them a tour of Ashton and I's new home, we put the new items away, and then we went back inside, ate some pizza, cookies, cupcakes. me of course having to take some grapes, and eat them with the slice of pizza that was covered in whipped cream, something I started to crave. We all fell asleep, after hours of endless fun. It was a good day, but could have been better with one more person. Logan.

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