Our Children


9. Chapter 7

Eleanor POV

Omg I am so tired and the baby is awake already and I don't want to go to his room but I have to any way.

Once I got Louis grabbed my arm and put made me lay down.

Babe I got to get up what the hell/Eleanor

No babe let me/Louis

Fine, whatever and thanks/Eleanor

No prob/Louis

Louis POV

Man I forgot how hard it is having a baby and I feel so bad for Eleanor because she has to deal with all the kids.

Come on Tommy lets change your diaper/Louis


I giggle.It is so so funny when he makes weird noises.

^>>>>>>>>>^1 hour^<<<<<<<<<^

Eleanor and the girls are having a girl day while Tommy,the lads,and I are having a guys day.

Ok so how r the kids/Harry

Awesome Alex is dating someone which is weird,Bella is the same,NeNe is on her hunny moon still,and Tommy is just being a baby/Louis

K and I got news about Perrie and I/Zayn

All ears/All of us except Tommy lol

We are having are second child/Perrie



Eleanor's POV

As the girls and I are walking around we run into Perrie and little Suzie.


Hey girl and Suz/El


Awe she is so cute/El

I know thnx and girls why don't u take Suzie to the carousel/Perrie



Sooo how it going/Perrie

Awesome how about you/Eleanor

I am doing amazing and guess what/Perrie


Another is on the way/Perrie

Are you bloody serious/Eleanor

Yes I am and I am only 6 weeks pregnant/Perrie

I can't even notice/Eleanor

I know right when I was pregnant with her u could tell/Perrie

Totally so the girls and I were just about to get Starbucks before we saw u do u want get some now/Eleanor


Come on girls/Eleanor


Come on baby/Perrie

Yes mommy/Suz


let's just say right now Lucas and I are making Love.

Ring ring my phone ring


Answer it I'll stop we can do it later/Lucas

U sure/NeNe


K*kisses him*/NeNe


Hey it is me Rafael~Rafael

Oh shit Lucas I'll be right back I am just going to step outside/NeNe


...I step outside...

What the fuck u want~NeNe

I want you back~Rafael

You are late I just got married~NeNe

I know that~Rafael

Then why the fuck you fucking calling me you dick~NeNe

Because I miss you~Rafael

Well you should of thought of that 6 years ago dumb ass~NeNe

Then I hung up on him.Man he is a fucking dick.

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