Our Children


7. Chapter 6

NeNe's POV

(The Wedding Day )

You may now kiss the bride/the priest

Here we go.Lucas and I are finally getting married!

*we kissed.....30 seconds.....*

We are finally married and together at last.

I loved that kiss(whispers)/NeNe

Me too(whispers back/Lucas


Bella's POV

Bella/David(Bella's boyfriend )


Thank you for inviting me/David

No problem .Maybe after this we can have sex/Bella

Sure thing(smiles)/David

Alex's POV


Yes we are dating now.I told him I liked him and apparently he told me he liked me too so we are now together!

Yes Daniel/Alex

I love you and what are you doing tonight/Daniel

Love you too and going to a club with my girls,y/Alex

I was going to ask you if we can watch movies tonight and have a movie night but never mind/Daniel

No let's do that, I can just skip they'll understand they do that too/Alex

Ok where though/Daniel

My place I can just ask my parents/Alex


Louis POV

Lads I can't believe one of my daughters are finally married/Louis

Yea we'll I think it is almost time for them to leave but,they just need to do their first dance though/Zayn


I don't want my daughter to leave yet/Louis

Just face it and Louis we need to talk later/Harry

K Lad/Louis

NeNe's POV



I think we should have are first dance right now/NeNe

You sure/Lucas

Yes I am *kisses him*/NeNe


Lucas's POV

Ok everyone we are going to have our first dance and the song we are going to dance to is......./Lucas


Then we just dance through the night and it was very nice.

*12:00 @ night*

Louis POV

Ok everyone you can leave now because the party has ended and the lovely couple has to get to thee honeymoon/Louis

Eleanor's POV

NeNe my love/Eleanor

Yes mum/NeNe

I am going to miss and if he tries to hurt you or does anything that you don't want him to do that you are not ready for, I am just a phone call away/Eleanor

Don't worry mum I will be just fine ok/NeNe

You sure /Eleanor

Yes mum now I got to tell everybody goodbye because I am going to be gone for exactly 3 weeks and I will miss everyone ok/NeNe

Ok I love you bye and have a safe trip/Eleanor

Yes Ma'am/NeNe

I kiss her goodbye and let her go while she leaving me crying.And then all of a sudden I feel these big warm arms that wrap me up in a hug.

Love please stop crying( him wiping my tears away :] )/Louis

Why we just let are baby go/Eleanor

In very good hands though/Louis

You don't know that/Eleanor


Yes Louis/Eleanor

You know she is and let's get going /Louis

Ok I'll go get the girls and you go say goodbye to the girls ok/Eleanor

Here are the keys/Louis

Thank you and love you(I kiss his PERFECT lips)Eleanor

Love you too and remember we have to pick up Tommy at my mums/Louis

I Know/Eleanor

< A/N I don't know if this chapter is short so if it please let me know by putting it in the comments .Also I don't know what to call you guys so please give me ideas about that in the comments also so yea bye ;* >

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