Our Children


4. Chapter 3

Louis POV

Babe I gave Bella the 60 bucks and she is coming home at 11/Louis

What the hell why/Eleanor

Because I did/Louis

Whatever,we'll I got to go to work bye, love you/Eleanor

Bye love you too(kisses her :*)/Louis

A lot of stuff goes around this.

Bella's POV



You want to skip school and go to your place and fuck/Bella

Sure and you are looking so fucking hot today/Jace

Thanks (I said while rubbing his dick(hand is inside his pants))/Bella

......Lunch Time(fav time of the day...lol)......

Louis POV

I invited the boys and we're just having a couple of beers while NeNe is waiting for her fiancé and I am waiting for Eleanor.

I am hungry/Niall

You are are always hungry shutup/Louis

Why don't you,I just going to go help myself/Niall


Daddy is he here yet/NeNe


I'LL GET IT!!!!!/NeNe

(Opens the door and the start making out)

Save it for the hunny moon(whatever I don't know how to spell),it's worth it/Louis

Yes daddy/NeNe

I'll take good care of her sir/Larry(the fiancé)

Ok now where you 2 going/Louis


Steak n' Shake/NeNe

Steak n' Shake it is then,bye/Larry

Ok then have fun then but, not too much fun/Louis

Yes dad/Larry & NeNe

*door shuts*

Such a cute couple/Harry


What about the other kids are they dating anyone/Harry


What do you mean/all the boys

Well Bella is with all these different kind of guys and Alex is plain single and Eleanor and I are happy with that/Louis

Eleanor and I are happy about what/Eleanor


Eleanor's POV

I walked into the house with Louis talking about me like he usually does,so I walked into the living room saying "Eleanor and I are happy about what" and damn I scared the fuck out of him,XP.

Damn babe you scared me/Louis

I'm sorry and what are we happy about/Eleanor

Your pregnant!/Louis

Shut the fuck up Louis no I am not/Eleanor

We're leaving/the boys

Bye/Eleanor and Louis

So what we're you saying/Eleanor

That we are happy that Alex is single/Louis

I know we are and where is NeNe/Eleanor

Steak n' Shake and how was your day my love/Louis

K and a pain the ass,god I hate that they are sooooooo picky/Eleanor

Awwwwwww,do you want to have sex to make it feel better/Louis

No ,now where is my baby/Eleanor

My mom's/Louis

Ok and let's have sex/Eleanor

I thought you didn't want to/Louis

Now I do because the baby isn't here/Eleanor

You're so dumb and c'mon(c'mon c'mon ;p) let's go/Louis

KK(*pecks him)/Eleanor

.....time to pick up kids from school.....



Go pick up the kids/Eleanor

K,hold on/Louis

[2 minuiuttteesss later.........]

Ok love I'm going(he kisses me)/Louis


Louis POV

[at Alex's school]

All of a sudden Alex hugs me.

What was that for/Louis

Because I love u/Alex

I love you too,now let's go get your sister/Louis


[at Bella's school]

Do you see her/Louis

No, I think she skipped school again,I'm not sure though/Alex

U sure/Louis


Ok then,then let's go to the office and see if she skipped/Louis

[in the office]

Hello,how may I help you/office lady

Um yes actually,I am Bella Tomlinson's father and I would like to know if she was in any of her classes today/Louis

Um hold on let me check,what's her whole name please/office lady

Tomlinson,Bella Lu/Louis

Thank you/office lady

Let's see here................a,here we go,she was in none of her classes today I'm sorry/office lady

Thanks and it's fine/Louis

Have a good day/office lady

You too/Louis

As we walked out the door Alex started laughing.

What is your deal/Louis

She had a big harry wart/Alex

O my god shutup and that was funny/Louis

And we both started sharing a laugh. =D

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