Our Children


3. Chapter 2

Eleanor's POV

Ok so I am up cooking breakfast for everyone and right now I am cooking....BACON!!!!!!!!!!!All of a sudden I heard a herd running down those stairs and shoot they were painting(lol).

What's for breakfast mum?/NeNe

Pancakes and bacon,how bout' that/Eleanor

Sounds good my love(kissing me w/ the baby)/Louis

Awwww it's my baby boy and babe can finish cooking for me please/Eleanor

Yup, anything/Louis


Yes Bella/Eleanor

Can I have 60 bucks/Bella

No you may not/Eleanor

Why I'm going out with John tonight/Bella

I don't care it's a no and that is final,now go get dressed for school/Eleanor

Fine, fuck you(mumbles but I can hear)/Bella

God that child needs to stop.


Thanks Louis and Alex hold the baby I got to go get ready/Eleanor

No prob/Louis

Yes ma'am/Alex

Louis POV

Why does Bella have to argue with us all the time?Oh well at least she isn't arguing right now.



Can I have 60 bucks please/Louis

Yes,be home @11/Louis

Thank you daddy,bye go 2 go,Jace is here/Bella

Same here dad I got to go wait out side,Lily is almost here/Alex

Bye girls love you/Louis

Bye love you/Alex


*door shuts*

You going NeNe/Louis

No I have break this week and during lunch I am going with my fiancé,Lucas/NeNe



Sorry if it is so short I will try to make it longer next time and give me some comments,fav,like,and fan plz.Also please give me suggest things please(lol). ;D

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