Our Children


2. Chapter 1(Intro=characters)

NeNe:Loves her baby brother,beautiful,fun-loving,sweet,honest,the 1st oldest,married,freshman in college,virgin,tom boy,19,NeNe Nicole Tomlinson

Alex:Sophomore in high school,2nd oldest,crazy,acts immature like Louis,virgin,not single,girly girl,pretty,funny,16,Alex Marie Tomlinson

Bella:Immature,troublemaker,not a virgin,sort of a slut,14,1st youngest,8th grader,tom boy,pretty,obsessed with Harry,horrible in school,parents are disappointed,not single,Bella Lu Tomlinson

Tommy:cutie pie,4 months,loves smiling,fun-loving,everyone loves him,born in September,Tommy James Tomlinson

Eleanor:40 years old,Eleanor Jane Tomlinson,Hollister Model,white chocolate mocha frap,pretty,an awesome mom

Louis:Louis William Tomlinson,41 years old,used to be in One Direction,still in contact with the boys,really really HOT,loves his kids,still immature

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