anything for you, my love

What happens when Harry cheat on Valerie then asks her out again? What will she say?


2. the cafe

Valerie's pov

We all went our separate ways after the drive to my house. I went inside my house and saw my little sister on the couch looking tired. "Hey Bella bear whatcha doin up so late?" I asked my little sister. "I can't sleep valewie. I have nightmares of losing you" she told me as she can't pronounce her R's yet. "Awww Bella bear I'm still hear and I'm going to protect you and NEVER leave you I promise." I said as I gave her a hug. "I wove you sissy." She told me which I replied with a "love you too." After that I put her to sleep in her princess bed then went to my older sisters room which was empty since she moved to New York. I changed in my pjs when I felt a buzz.

Wanna meet at the cafe off asbury? Niallxx

Sure! That'd be great! Valxx

See you then and the boys are coming too Nxx

Awesome night night Vxx

Night Nxx

With that I fell asleep with a grin on my face.


I woke up and realized yesterday wasn't a dream! I quickly changed and curled my hair. Niall had texted me to tell him my address and I told him it so he could pick me up. He said he'd be here in 5 so I went downstairs kissed my little sis and mom on the cheek. "Morning!" I shouted. "Someone's in a good mood. Where you going at 10am you usually wake at 12" "mom I got Nialls number and-" be fore I could finish my mom and sis shouted "WHAT???" At the same time. On cue Niall honked I gave my mom and sis a kiss before I left. "Hey beautiful" a deep raspy voice said from the back. "Umm hi I'm Valerie" I said shyly. "Hey there val" a thick Irish accent said which I knew that voice could only belong to Niall. "Hi Ni Ni" I replied after that we went to the cafe. "So Val how old are you?" Asked zayn as we all sipped on our coffee/tea. "I'm 30. I look good huh?" I joked. "Damn your a fine ass 30 year old" replied harry. "Hehe but no I'm only 18 soon to be 19 on October 25." I said truthfully. We talked more and seemed to be getting along with Harry pretty well almost like we were besties. "So do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked me. "No. Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked. "No. We should go out sometime." He asked me out !? I barely know him idk what to do! Do I say yes or no? "Uhh can I think about it I mean we like just met 2 hours ago." I replied honestly. "Uhh yea sure here's my number" and we exchanged numbers. "We should probably go I told my mother I'd babysit my sister Bella" I told them so they drove me to my house but got out with me. I gave a confused look to them. "We're babysitting with you duh!" Louis answered my question. Well this should be interesting I thought about how my sis will react.

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