anything for you, my love

What happens when Harry cheat on Valerie then asks her out again? What will she say?


6. fun day out

Val's POV:

I woke up to Louis screaming "WE'RE HERE!!!!!" I got Bella out of her car seat and went straight to snoopy land.

"You guys can go on big rides I'll stay with Val & Bella" Harry said

"Are you sure Harry? I don't want this day to be ruined because you think you have to hang out with Bella & I" I told him

"No being here with you already makes it the best day ever!" He smiled his cheeky smile

"We'll if you say so yourself then let's go on the pumpkin patch ride!!" I pecked him quickly while running with Bella.

~~~~~4 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bella, Harry & I were exhausted from all the rides and running from some crazy fans! We decided to get something to eat since all this running around made us hungry.

"What are we gonna do when you leave" I asked Harry not really wanting to know the answer.

"Well you could come on your with us?" He sort of stated

"But then I'd have to leave my Bella bear & I can't do that to her. You know I basically take care of her." I replied back.

"Don't you have anyone else who can take care of her while you're gone?" He asked me which then gave me the perfect person!

"I know! I have an older sister, Mira! She'll take care of Bella! Let me just call her tomorrow!"

"Well ok then!" He replied a little to excited which was tots cute!

"We should probably find the boys. It's getting late for Bella and I wanna go home and watch tangled which comes on at 7:00pm!!" I said excited for tangled.

"You're so cute when you get excited" I blushed

"Oh shut up styles you're cute too when you get excited!" I kissed him while I carried Bella & went on a scavenger hunt to find the boys.

"Valwie, I wanna go home now..." My sister yawned

"I know Bella bear but keep your eyes open for Louis" I told her Louis because he looked like where's Waldo wearing a blue stripped shirt

"I found him!" Bella pointed to Louis playing a game.

"Good job Bella!!" I kissed my sisters forehead while walking over to Louis.

"Hey times up Bella is tired and wants to go home Harry's looking for the other boy right now so come on Louis" I told him right when my phone buzzed saying Harry found the boys.

"Alright, but you owe me $5 for making me lose!" He told me

"Fine! Here!" I handed him the money while we walked back to the car and drove home well my place not theres.

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