anything for you, my love

What happens when Harry cheat on Valerie then asks her out again? What will she say?


5. boyfriend and girlfriend?

Valerie's POV

I woke up with an arm around me and saw some curly hair. I starred at him sleeping in admiration. Suddenly his eyes opened and I acted natural.

"I know you were starring Val Val..." I laughed at his horrible nickname

"Yeah I was starring...because you're just purr-fect!" I said mocking Liam in the best song ever music video. He laughed and my weirdness and we say there and cuddled till we decided to check on Bella and the boys

"Good morning everyone!!" I yelled happily

"Someone's in a good mood" Louis said giving me a wink

"OMG!!! No Lou no!" I shouted knowing he was thinking about something inappropriate. Bella looked at me weirdly but I just ignored it and went to the kitchen to get her cereal.

"Sooo I was thinking we could all do something today?" Liam asked us all.

"Including Bella or....." I asked because I was unsure what we were doing

"Including Bella of course!" He said like it was obvious. I rolled my eyes and waited for him to continue.

"I was thinking we could go to great America or six flags?" He asked me

"Hmmm how bout great America they have snoopy land for Bella bear" I told him even though I wanted six flags I have to keep an eye on my sis I mean I love her and if anything happened to her I'd be devastated.

"Sure now everyone eat and get ready!" He demanded us and we listened to him. It took us 5 mins to eat then me and harry went to my room to change.

"Umm Harry what are we?" I asked him not knowing and he looked puzzled too

"Umm well uhh Valerie I know we only met but would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked confidently

"I would be delighted to be your girlfriend!" I said bowing and giving him a long passionate kiss. After we dresses we went downstairs hand in hand. I was smiling ear to ear when Liam shouted "ready?" And we all said "ready!" I picked up my sister put her in her car seat while Liam drove I fell asleep on Harry still hand in hand.

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