anything for you, my love

What happens when Harry cheat on Valerie then asks her out again? What will she say?


3. babysitters unite


I really like Valerie but she seems uninterested...

"Hey mate what's up" Liam asked

"It's just I really like Valerie but she seems uninterested in me" I replied honestly.

"Well mate I think it's just a little to early I mean you barely know her. Just wait till your actually friends with her k?" Liam told me.

"Yea I guess your right.." I told him.

"Good now let's go inside and get to know Valerie & Bella k?" "Ok" I replied while walking in.


Bella had just woken up when Harry and Liam came in. "Hey Bella bear how was your morning?" I asked my little sister.

"It was good! Mommy and I pwayed dress up for wittle bit." My sis replied as she can not pronounce her L's right.

"Alright Valerie you're in charge of Bella while I got work. Ok well bye everyone!" She said walking out the door.

"Let's party!!!!" Louis screamed. And we did party. For one hour we played twister which I lost cause I suck. After that we played soccer in my backyard and I'm not that good at soccer since I quit in 8th grade.

We were all inside right now watching toy story. Not Bella's choice but it was Liam's and he said he'd cry if we didn't watch it.

"Hey Valerie can we talk in the kitchen for a sec?" Harry asked me. "Sure" I said as we walked in the kitchen.

"Listen about me asking you out let's wait a little bit till we know each other k?" A huge relief came over me. He just said what I was going to say. "Of course we can! I think that's best too."I replied honestly. "Ok thanks now let's get to know each other on Tuesday?" He wanted to get to know me!!? I'm shocked !

"Yeah ! Sure we can do that um quick question how long are u guys staying here?" I asked so I wouldn't get too attached.

"The whole fall through December 20 so we can spend Christmas with our family." I sighed of relief he wasn't leaving like next week or something. "Ok that's cool um where are you guys staying?" I asked him

"umm we just got here so I really don't know..." He told me "well you're lucky you have a friend because you can stay here!!! We got two guest rooms and an air mattress!" I cheered in my girly voice. "Yay!" They shouted back while carrying Bella in the air.

"Alright put her down" I shouted at Niall but then Harry just came over to me and carried me... I screamed and laughed at the same time while kicking Harry but not hard enough to hurt him.

All of sudden he put me down and I was facing his green emerald eyes... I was slowly leaning in and so was he. We were just about to kiss when someone walked over to us to help us up. "Hey you guys al- woah sorry mate I'll go" it was Zayn...

This is gonna be a loooooooong ass night.......

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