People's Poems

Poetry can take one to a land of freedom. I find my peace here. When I am in treacherous or blessed times I can turn to writing to express myself in a way regular speech can not. I hope every other girl and boy can experience the joy I find in this activity. I only hope to share my words therefore sharing my life. I wish to dedicate this collection to my friends whom have always stayed by me and given me the strength to write, while rarely doubting my sanity.


3. Your War

Your War

By: Colby J.F

Everyone has chose a side

You stand alone, no one backed behind

You feel as empty as you look

You quake in fear as your hands shook

They smirk with a gleam

They light up as if sparked by a lighting beam

They know how you will loose

It's your game play or not, you choose

Your every move is being watched

You're remembering all you were taught

You are wearing a costume

Of where life has brought you

You close your teary eyes

You have nothing left to hide

Your secrets are revealed

Your society has repealed

Take a step, maybe two

Imagine a mirror showing you

Torn and broken, hiding hurt

A candle smoldering burnt

Blood stained your heart and now your world

Leaving you alone to pay the toll

Your war has began

Bare your weapons claim your land

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