My Secret Obsession

This story is about me an upcoming college student who meets a really hot dude who comes off as a player, but will he change, or will something happen that i'm not gonna expect? Read for more

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1. Nervous wreck

Claire's POV

Hi I'm Claire I'm 17. I'm starting college today. I ripped the duvet off my body and hopped in the shower washed myself with strawberry bodywash and washed my hair with the seductive rasberry ripple shampoo and conditioner, after i hopped out I put on blue skinny's, a white knit top, with black converse, I put on mascara and eyeliner, then red lipstick, I styled my hair with loose curls grabbed my black shoulder bag, my phone  and left the house. I decided to drive my car to the college, I parked my car and got out. I was walking into college when I saw the sexiest guy, he made me stop in my tracks, golden brown hair, hazel brown eyes, tanned skin, tattoos, toned body. He was hot, I walked past him, he and his friends shouted pick up lines at me, oh great he's that type of guy, well at least I had hope he was different then the others but he's not he's the exact same as every guy, i still think he's still hot though, I walked to my class which was History ugh. I took my seat in the back, the class started to fill, the hot guy and his crew came in, he winked at me and sat a couple seats down the row from where I was sat, then my best friend came through the door, it was Jovana, me and her have known each other since we were in preschool together




"I've missed you all summer!"

"Well yeah I've been in Arizona"

"Come sit beside me!"

she came and sat we then continued talking

"So Jovana do you know who that hottie is?"

"Yeah his names Justin Bieber, and his friends are Chaz Somers, Ryan Butler and Alfredo Flores"

"How come I've never heard of these people?"

"Because you've been spending too much time with your Social Media"


"Quiet down class! Now lets begin the lesson"

"Ugh I hate Mr Beckham"

"same why did he have to move and teach here?"

I felt my phone buzz, I got a text


Hey babygirl ;) xx

I looked around and saw it was that Bieber kid texting me

What do u want Bieber? 

I wanted to talk to u since u ignored me this morning

that's cuz ur a player, how did u even get my number?

I have my ways ;)

Well your a fucking creep pls delete me off ur contacts!

when I looked up he was deleting me thank god!



Hey guys, please read my co-author, Jovana's, fanfiction "The Girl With the Secret Diary" 

it is amazing, Jovana, Rumana and myself are all in it, make sure to read!!

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