Let Snow Fall

Sister and brother Julia and Jamie Garold can't have a Christmas since the war six years ago. Julia and Jamie is assigned to help the King and Queen spy on the kings brother who started the war.

A total of 1458 words.


3. Chapter Three

We got to the orphanage seeing it was a clean and elegant. We went inside and There was a hallway for girls and boys.

"Your room is down there last door to the right." I walked down after giving Jamie his bag. I opened the door and saw bed aligned across from each other.

"Girls this is Wendy Jones. Make her feel welcome." I walked to a bed in the corner and put my bag under it.

"Your new here? I'm Daisy." She had blond curly hair and light blue eyes.

"I'm Wendy." I shook her hands.


It was night and I couldn't sleep. It turns out that the keeper of the orphanage didn't even care if the girls and boys stay up all night. They only care if the boys do go to the girls side. I got my bag out and put it on the bed. I took out a picture of my whole family. I zipped the bag back up and put under the bed.

"What are you looking at?" Daisy asked.

"My family." I gave her the picture.

"That is your whole family? That is a lot of people." She gave me back the picture and I put it back in the bag and went to sleep.


"Wendy wake up. It's breakfast." I got up. All the girls got ready and went to the mess hall. I saw the menu.

Today's Special


I got the food and sat down. It was brown and mushy. Jamie sat with me and Daisy.

"Hi Wendy." He said.

"Hi Oliver. This is Daisy. Daisy this is my little brother Oliver."

"Hi." She said.

"Is this good?" Jamie asked.

"They just take the flavor out so you would just taste nothing. To answer your question then yes it does taste good." I tried it and it I don't even taste nothing.

"We are going to take a field trip to the castle today so get ready." A woman said. We got to the castle and saw the kings brother.

"King David, King Willfred, and Queen Jane will be showing us around the castle." Me and Jamie were in the back with the king and queen. Before I know it we were taken to he throne room.

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