Let Snow Fall

Sister and brother Julia and Jamie Garold can't have a Christmas since the war six years ago. Julia and Jamie is assigned to help the King and Queen spy on the kings brother who started the war.

A total of 1458 words.


1. Chapter One

"Aunt Rose why can't you let us have Christmas?" Jamie cried.

"I won't let you because. Because." She didn't finish her sentence. Instead she left the room. Let me introduce myself. I'm Julia Garold. My little brother is Jamie. We both have the same brown hair, but mine is wavy. Our eyes are not the same though. Jamie has our mother's blue eyes while I have my father's green eyes. Aunt Rose was making dinner while I stared out the window. We lived in a town ruled by the King and Queen of Snow. When I was five we were at war with the kings brother. It was cruel and horrifying. There were bodies lying on the ground, lifeless. People came out of their homes looking around of what was left. The Queen and King reassured everyone and got help by other towns or cities to help us get back on our feet, but that was six years ago. During the war my parents went in to help, but died at the end. It was sad when they died. There was a memorial of all the people in the war who died a heroic fate later on. Tomorrow would be Jamie's birthday and I already got a present for him. After dinner there was an urgent message for me and Jamie to go to the castle.


We got to the castle.

"The King and Queen are waiting for you." We walked in and saw the King and Queen sitting on their thrones.

"We need to speak to them in private." The king said. All of the servants walked away.

"Come here." We both walked up to them.

"We called you here because we need you to save Christmas." The Queen said.

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