Let Snow Fall

Sister and brother Julia and Jamie Garold can't have a Christmas since the war six years ago. Julia and Jamie is assigned to help the King and Queen spy on the kings brother who started the war.

A total of 1458 words.


4. Chapter Four

We were in the throne room. The kids were there with the orphanage keeper. They gasped.

"We found them talking to the king and queen." After a little talk the king's brother laughed.

"My brother. You hired these children to spy on my?" he laughed.

"I hired them because you killed our only little sister and her husband! Which was their parents and these are our niece and nephew your talking to!" Me and Jamie's eyes grew wide.

"I killed them because Jane married a commoner! She broke tradition!"

"You killed my mother which was your sister and you don't feel sorry!?" I yelled.

"I don't. My mom and dad only payed attention to her and him." I had it. I took the bow and arrow out and aimed at him.

"I think it's to late for that. My soldiers are already walking to your town," He laughed more coughing at the end, "Enough of this." The last thing I heard from him were three words.

"Let Snow Fall."

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