"young love"

a young girl, falls in live with a cute direction boy, al tough there is something wrong with there young love.


1. "you"

I'm aria, I'm a 19 years old. it was just a random day I was at the restaurant and a boy walks up to me

"hi gorgeous"

I looked up and said "hi I'm Aria" he replied "I'm Niall" with a smile on his face.

he asked me if he could join me u was just sitting alone, so of course I said "yes" I was looking in to his eyes and he was talking to me at the same time. he's eyes are so perfectly blue. and he's smile is beautiful.

he asked me if I would like to come to his concert in 2 days. I replied "concert?"

he said "yes I'm in a band. it's called One Direction."

"ohhh that's wonderful I would love to come" I said.

"we'll I'm very sorry I have to go, here's my number." said Niall"

" bye." I said with a smile.

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