"young love"

a young girl, falls in live with a cute direction boy, al tough there is something wrong with there young love.


2. "the concert"

I was getting ready brushing my hair trying to find the perfect outfit! I decided to wear jeans and a pink shirt. I was so excited I was driving to the concert and the my phone rung.

"hello" I said

"hey it's Niall are u coming?"

"yes I am" I said

"okay bye beautiful"

I arrived at the concert, I went back stage and Niall was running to me with a smile in his face, he hugged me I was surprised. but his blue eyes caught me.

" now you can meet the boys" he said

"hi I'm aria"

all the boys came up too me " so your the girl Niall won't stop talking about"

I blushed

Niall showed me where my seat was. it was the first row, right in the middle.

"the best seat you can seat gorgeous"

"thank you Niall" I said with a smile.

Niall and the guys were on the stage. I blushed.

"this song is for the most prettiest girl in the world. aria." Niall said.

I was surprised that he would say that, I smiled the whole concert. after the concert Niall came and got me from my seat. the crowd went crazy.

"did you like the concert hun?"

" yes I did love" I said

"we are having a little party in about 2 hours. I'll come pick you up from your house bb? "

"yes Niall" I said with a smile.

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