"young love"

a young girl, falls in live with a cute direction boy, al tough there is something wrong with there young love.


4. " family+ road"

"Niall, would u like to come to my house for dinner?" I said

"of course I would love"

"this is my grandma Niall, and grandma this is Niall" I said

" so your the one that aria is always talking about." said my grandma.

I blushed and he smiled at me.

" it's every nice to meet you" Niall said.

"what a gentlemen." grandma said.

me and Niall went up stairs. and watched a movie together.

we were so happy, but I wasn't even paying attention to the movie I was Focused on him.

" watch the movie bb."

" I'd rather pay more attention to you " I said

he smiled

" what happens when you go on tour . I mean we both live in London. but what happens when you have to go away for 6 or more months on the road. " I asked.

" we could always figure something out."

" I hope" I said

" I'm leaving for a tour in 10 days come with me! it will be great."!

"what about my grandma.?" I said

"just ask her, I'm sure she won't mind."

me and Niall both went down stairs and the food was ready, we were all sitting down then Niall said something.

"so I'm leaving on tour in 10 days, I would like aria to come with me. "

my grandma looked up.

"of course she can go. you are a very nice man. just promise me you will take good care of her." grandma said

" I promise."

me and Niall smiled at each other with so much joy!

once we were done eating I help clean up the table. and Niall helped too.

then me and Niall went to the living room. he kissed me. and we then finished our movie.

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