Bullied by 1D

Andy is bullied by one direction and tried to do the one thing she wanted to do but they wouldn't let her. She escapes from her abusive parents. Will she fall in love with one of the members?

My 2nd movella! ~ananda or andy


1. intro

Hi, my name is Andy and yes I am a girl- not a boy. My real name is Ananda Ghoshal, but I hate it when people call me AMANDA instead of ANANDA. There is really no difference. I am 16 years old. I am abused and bullied everyday by my parents and the people at school. I am not a nerd and I am pretty smart so I don't know why people hate me so much.... Any way that's it basically because other than that, I don't have a life. OH! And I self harm- meaning I cut. Also... I get bullied by the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!! 💀😕😬😲👿😡😭😰😨😱. Ok NOW that's it.

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