Bullied by 1D

Andy is bullied by one direction and tried to do the one thing she wanted to do but they wouldn't let her. She escapes from her abusive parents. Will she fall in love with one of the members?

My 2nd movella! ~ananda or andy


10. 9

Harry's POV:

We all rushed to the hospital where we met the lady at the front desk. "Name"? She asked " Harry styles" I replied. She called the doctors and they took Andy so they could help her. All we could do now is pray that she lives.


Niall's POV:

Turns out Andy lived and she's in a coma for 9 weeks. We were there for all of them.

We all whispered nice things to her and told her we were sorry. The doctor told us that she was anorexic. And we saw her stomach, her bruises, and her cuts, by now, my eyes are probably bloodshot.

"Ugh" we heard.

We shot our heads to Andy's direction and ran to hug her. She looked surprised but then angry. Uh oh.


Andy's POV:

I shoved them off of me.


They all looked guilty. Good. "We're sorry" louis said quietly. "Ha! I'm not making that mistake AGAIN." I said


The boys were still bullying me. But then they became my 'friends' but they only used me for my secrets***

They all looked like they were gonna cry.

"Now please... Leave me ALONE..

After they left, I took out my phone to see my twitter only to see guilty pity sorry messages. And to see that the boys are following me. Ha! No way! I block all of them.


I take out my phone to see what Andy has posted only to see that she's blocked us. "Oi lads! Check your twitter to see if Andy's blocked you"! I say. They all take out their phones. "Yup" "yeah" "yes" "uh huh". "Oh my god. If she hates us, how will she feel if we tell her she has to come on tour with us?" Liam asked while sighing.

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