Bullied by 1D

Andy is bullied by one direction and tried to do the one thing she wanted to do but they wouldn't let her. She escapes from her abusive parents. Will she fall in love with one of the members?

My 2nd movella! ~ananda or andy


7. 6

Andy's POV:

After I ran away from Niall, I just walked over to the park bench and started crying. Niall walked over to see me crying.

" what's wrong?" He asked.

" Why do you guys bully me"? I asked.

"Well... Umm... I dunno... They never told me..." He answered. "Listen Andy, I am so sorry! After what I heard at your house, I now know that you already have SOO much trouble, but me and the lads just add on to it! Can you ever forgive me?"

I looked at him to see if he meant it or not. Though he looked genuinely sorry and guilty.

"O-o-ok" I stuttered out.

His face perked up.

"Great lemme see your phone." He said.

I gave him my phone and saw him typing his number. " I'll text you later" he said.

" so do you want me to walk you home?" He asked.

"Well as you know I had detention and lied to you guys and you obviously heard what happened at my house. And so I can't get back in there until 11:00pm." I said.

He looked sorry and said " oh. I'm sorry." Then he looked at me and said that he had to go.

"Bye" we both said.



I was finally let into the house and I checked my phone.

1 text from Niall:

Hey :)

Hey :-P ' I typed.

Then I heard my dad calling me.

'Oh shit!!! My dad's calling me! 8-('

I went downstairs. "Y-ye-yes s-sir" I stuttered. He came up to my face. His breath smelled of alcohol. He took off his belt.... 'Uh oh... I don't want to know where this is going.' I thought. Then he started waking me with his belt.

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