You & I

"Promise me you won't forget.." "I won't forget you.. I promise."
When Lucy moved to London three years ago, she left everything behind. But the one thing she didn't want to leave was Liam. She was madly in love with Liam and they finally got together. But then her mother died and her dad was offered a job in London. She had no other choice. While she was living in London, her and Liam lost contact, and that ended their relationship. But she was constantly reminded of that awful heart break, since Liam was all over the papers and magazines as one of the most well known boys in the whole world. It killed he seeing pictures of him laughing with other girls. But there was nothing she could do. And it didn't help having a group of friends who loved them! One day Lucy is invited to go and see One Direction live. Her dad says it would be good for her, since she hardly gets out. But what happens when Liam spots her in the crowd?


1. London Baby.

Three Years Ago...

"Baby, you will be fine.." Liam assured me, gripping onto my two hands. I leaned my head to one side, and Liam cupped his palm around my cheek. I inhaled the smell of his skin, since I wouldn't get to do this again for a long time. My dad was moving us to London, because my mom had just died. She would have never let us move to london. And I think that Liam is partly the reason. My dad never liked Liam, and he disapproved of me dating him. But I didn't care. Liam sighed as he played with a loose strand of my hair. Before I could stop them, small tears started to escape my eyes, rolling down and into Liam's palm that was still laying on my cheek. As the liquid met his hand, he moved his thumb and wiped the stray tears from my cheeks. "Please don't cry Lucy.." He begged me sweetly. "I can't bare to see you upset." I could see the pure sadness in his face. Without even thinking, I drove my face into his chest and wrapped my arms around his torso, embracing him in a passionate hug. "I don't want to go!" I balled. He rested his face on my hair, and I could hear his heart beating. It seamed to be making a funny pattern. Maybe it was really breaking? He pulled my face in front of his and looked me dead in the eyes. "You will be fine.. As long as you remember something." He assured me. He leaned in until his lips were level with my ear. "I love you."

I was crying again. I had been in London for three years now, and I still cried over him. But how could you not? He was beautiful. I had just found another box of memories of us both. It was the first month we spent together. They were the happiest times of my life. I was really hoping that I wouldn't find any more stuff like this while I was moving. Finally, I was moving away from my dad and finding my own flat in the city. My dad kept on at me that I was 20 now and I needed to find out what I wanted to do with my life. The truth was, I didn't know what I wanted to do! I liked writing.. I liked the arts. But I just didn't know if any of that could make me a good career.

I loaded the final box of stuff into the back of my car and drove over to my new flat, which I would be sharing with my friend Eleanor. She was already there, hopefully unpacking still, but I doubted it. When I pulled up, I grabbed the box and hauled it up three flights of stairs, until I reached our apartment. I could hear music coming from inside, and I just rolled my eyes. I nudged the door open with my hip and made my way into the livingroom. Eleanor was not unpacking, but dancing around to the new One Direction CD, Midnight Memories. And because I have the worst luck in the world, I happened to walk in at Liam's solo in the saddest song on the album. I dropped the box, and it landed with a clang. I tried, and tried to keep the tears inside my eyes, but a few managed to escape. "I KNOW!" Said Eleanor, getting up and hugging me, "It even makes non Directioners cry!" She balled into my shoulder. I wasn't exactly a none directioner, I thought they were amazing, but I couldn't listen to their song without feeling pained.

That night, when we had only set our beds up, I couldn't get to sleep right. But when I eventually did, my dream was about the one and only love of my life.... Liam Payne.

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