Oh, it's Christmas...

Santa does more than deliver presents.


3. The Delivery

Having done half the world, with half the world to still deliver to Santa was a busy man, but he wasn't so busy that he couldn't help a family in need.

As his sleigh and reindeer landed atop the roof of the third house on the left he smiled fondly at the familiar roof top. Seven years he had been delivering presents to the good little girls of this home, without question, and this year was no different. Santa unloaded his bag from his bag from his sleigh and swung it over his shoulder as he moved towards the chimney. He could feel the heat coming up, and knew the fire was burning, so he took a deep breath and blew hard down the chimney, so that the fire would dim. He slid down the chimney with ease, he was magical after all, and the fire started up again as soon as he climbed out of the hearth.

Molly had done a beautiful job decorating the tree, but instead of the tree the first thing Santa saw was a man, laying on the floor, there was a look of anxiety plastered onto his sullen face, and Santa frowned. He set his bag down on by the tree and moved to the man on the floor.

Santa crouched down and looked at the sleeping man. Angel. He remembered him from when he was a child. How could such a carefree child grow to be so worry filled. Santa carefully picked up the heavy man and laid him across the couch before continuing with his Santa duties. He opened up his bag and fished out presents for Lilly, Cassandra and Emily. Leaving them beneath the tree, and then closing up his bag. He was turning back to the hearth when he heard a tiny voice calling to him.

"Santa?" asked a little girl from the bottom of the stairs. He turned, and was shocked to find, not a little girl, but a grown Molly. He remembered delivering gifts to her as well.

With a smile he turned back around, taking a drink from the glass of milk, and putting a cookie in his pocket, he felt around for one of the small trinkets he kept in his pocket for just such occasions, and withdrew from his inner pocket a small box. When he turned back to the tree to put it with the rest of the things that he had brought for the girls he gave Molly one last salute before blowing out the fire and going up the chimney to his sleigh.


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