Oh, it's Christmas...

Santa does more than deliver presents.


4. Christmas Morning

Molly woke up with the memory of the strangest dream about Santa Clause, before realizing that she had forgotten to drink the milk and eat the cookies the girls had left. Panicking she raced downstairs in her pajamas to find her husband on the couch, and her daughters huddled around him. He was smiling, and didn't look even slightly hung over, and she wondered what was happening.

Her youngest, Emily, was the first to spot her. She smiled brightly, a big toothy smile and then looked at her Father. "Daddy, can we open presents now?" She asked eagerly, and Angel chuckled.

"Of course pumpkin." He kissed her on the head, and the girls squealed, and Lily, the oldest and the only one of the three girls who was able to read, started handing out presents. Molly glanced at the plate and the milk to see that both were empty, and she sighed with relief before perching on the arm of the couch, rather than sitting beside her mysteriously un-hung-over husband.

He took her hand as the girls eagerly unwrapped toys that Molly distinctly remembered passing up due to her tight budget. The girls giggled and squealed, and laughed with each other, and Molly felt her mood brighten. This was what everything really came down to, seeing her little girls happy.

"Mommy, look, this one's for you!" Smiled Lilly as she handed her mother a golden wrapped package with red string. She took the box delicately, and wondered who it was from.

Santa was the only thing listed on the box besides her name, well, "Mommy" but that was her name in a way, just as well as Molly as was.

She unwrapped the little box, and opened it, to find something she didn't expect, a note.

"What is it Mommy?" her youngest daughter asked, Molly took a moment to read the note before answering.

"It's a note from Santa." she told them honestly, and they squealed.

"What does it say?" Cassandra asked, and Molly smiled, giving them an abridged version.

"It says Merry Christmas to the whole family." She informed them, and they smiled before turning their attention back to their new gifts.

Angel pulled her off the couch and cradled her in his arms, and despite herself she leaned into his embrace and smiled as her children made feeble attempts to take the all to complicated packaging off of their toys.


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