this team effort of a story is a complete mind-fuck to say it bends reality


4. youth group pt.2

I'm already a little annoyed when Blane's friend taylor a athletic but skinny tall dark haired light skinned guy straight up says 

taylor: so blane you got some hot pics of daisy on your phone were'd you get them cause it looks like snapchat screen shots 

daisy: what !

taylor: haha oh shit woops

blane: what babe it's motivation for when you ain't here girl 

daisy: i don't even know what to say 

blane: you mad?

taylor: can i have one for inspiration

daisy: NO! fuck you, you have a girl friend!

taylor : sooo...... 

i was so aggervated i just walked away, and blane chased after me.

blane: come on were just joking around don't be a kill joy it looks bad 

daisy: it looks bad ? i'm sorry is that bad for your image ?

blane: you know what I mean now come on 

he tries to make a move but i shook him off

blane: what

daisy: i'm still pissed you really think i'm in the mood now?

blane: what your easy like that 

daisy:what the hell is wrong with you 

blane: come on it'll make you feel better 

daisy: that's it i'm done 

i ran for my car and sped off, he was blowing up my phone so i turned up my radio super loud and tried to process what just happened.






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