this team effort of a story is a complete mind-fuck to say it bends reality


3. youth group pt.1

Everything was finally done so I went to go get dressed, which is a hard choice since I wanna look nice for my boyfriend but also not make the church people think i'm a slut. So I wore a low-ish cut shirt with lace in the back and fitted jeans, with some vans. I brushed out my long dirty blonde hair and did a small cat eye and i was ready to go.

I take a deep breath when i pulled up to the church in my car it was raining, dammit. before i had a chance to get out and sprint through the rain, one of the members named Fred came with an umbrella he had brown hair and glasses, and was really nice but never really part of my interest. He had all the other girls wrapped around his finger, but not me and i think it annoys him that he has to actually try to win me over but i don't think it's gonna happen. Plus, i had Blane the italian skater guy with his dark blonde hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. he was mine and i was his.

I got out of the car and thanked him, it was a small umbrella so i had to get close. The next thing i know he puts arm around me i looked up at him and he did his eyebrows I just shook my head.

We were almost to the door when his arm slid down my back to my butt. So out of spite i took the umbrella from his hands and walk by myself while he's in the background saying "come on you liked it! i did!"

I went through the door to get a thousand "heyyssss" and hugs, i wonder if they ever get tired of that and why they like me so much. After making it through the crowd i saw Blane, he walked up and hugged me and we stood there with his arms still around me talking.

blane: what was that outside 

daisy: What did that worry you come on it's fred

blane: actually i should be worry cause all your little friends are always trying to talk to you about getting with him instead of me. girl you mine. 

daisy: hmmm i'm all of a sudden attracted to him oh no

blane: hey if you have a glasses fetish i'll just wear the pair in your purse 

daisy: haha sure 

blane: now say you're sorry or else

daisy: ......okay sorry............. that fred looks better in glasses than you 

blane: pffft

daisy: haha i'm just kidding

blane: shut up 

daisy: make me

then we started kissing but then ofcourse we were interrupted by the girls. They had food there so we snuck out to the stage to makeout. Finally my sam found us said to come on. So we sat through the boring stuff. Blane sat there with his friends, they began to discuss me, asking him how i was and how good i am at this. There something about his his friends that just turns blane into a douche bag but i just usually deal with it.



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