this team effort of a story is a complete mind-fuck to say it bends reality


7. those really bad ones

daisy: how come i'm all bloody and your not?

dan: well missy those represent the sins you've done but but just the really bad ones that you never forgave yourself for. we can fix those if you're up to it.

daisy: how 

dan: you find someone and help them forgive a terrible sin they did or prevent from committing one easy peasy 

daisy: but were dead i cant touch anyone no one can hear me or see me 

dan: ah ha well missy you're wrong there i can teach you how to connect to the other side later 

daisy: other side?

dan: you know how you used to hear about ghost and demons and spirits and all that whoo ha? well it's all to some extend true and we "entities" can use energy around us and guess what we can make it ourselves 

daisy: so we're in.......... purgatory

dan: sure whatever you wanna call it back in my day it was no man's land

daisy: how i make energy or what ever and use it and stuff

dan: well the way i learned was through feelings good feelings, good energy, good entity. bad feelings, bad energy, bad entity. that right there is were you get your done vengeful so called spirits, sons of bitches is what they are though, and demons lord they are pure evil if you see one run like hell  missy actually better run like heaven hehe

daisy:  how come i'm here and not in heaven or well you know

dan: some consider this place as purification process after you fix all you little dents and scratches you have to figure out whats keeping you here once you figure that out well up you go but be careful i've seen more folk go crazy than move on 

daisy: how come you haven't moved on?

dan: well missy i can't quite figure it out i think i'm kept here to help out lost folk like you 

I looked around and took a deep breath. 

dan: don't worry miss we'll fix ya up 

daisy: no it's my family, my friends, i wonder who really misses me and who doesn't. I just wish i could tell them somehow i'll be fine.

dan:it's okay i'm a teach you some new tricks 

He hugged me.  




dan: alrighty lets get rid of some of them marks on ya 

We were out on the street I watched people pass by. Them i saw a women with a disturbed look walking rather quickly. I wanted to follow her so we went wondering were she could be going. She had a kind face and glossy brown hair, she had a distinct glow then i realized it. She was pregnant, but the concern in her eyes were still a mystery. Until we saw were her car pulled in. Dan and i looked at each other, she was at an abortion clinic. She walked in shaking and the doctor came out and began to talk to her, reassuring her she's making the right choice. I looked into his eyes there was nothing he was almost empty, i knew i had to do something, i just didn't know what. I began thinking about what was about to happen an innocent child about to be killed with no choice, no reason. He would never have a chance to see what good he could do in the world, to experience the beautiful most cherished thing known as life. I felt my emotions build up inside of me, it was good energy. 

I walked straight up to here the lights around me flickering making people look and i put my hand on her shoulder and grabbed it firmly i began to talk to her even though she didn't quite acknowledge me she paused when i touched her so i knew she would hear me.

daisy: what are you doing? this baby is not your life, it's not your choice, let it live it deserves it please. don't do this you will regret it forever and you'll never be able to forgive yourself. this child deserve its life please

The woman stred at the doctor as if she could see the emptiness in him that i could see. She looked almost frightened, she began shaking her head and saying no just no. Finally she ran to her car and buried her face in her hands and started crying. I started feeling bad but she lifted up her head and she was smiling.

I watched as she called her mom while drying her eyes saying,

woman: i-i didn't do i just couldn't something told me not to ah-i just said no but i feel great i think i do have an angel haha

I smiled at that an dan caught up to me and looked at the woman and smirked. My face was no longer cut up and my bruise was gone.

dan: you done good missy you done good  

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