this team effort of a story is a complete mind-fuck to say it bends reality


2. day in day out

"let me see if i can put this all back together and start from the beginning"





"and deliver us from evil amen" here I am reciting what we always say at church I try to take it to heart but it's hard to stay focused. My mom always says that I lack focus, she say i'm gonna miss something really important one day all because i can't focus. i don't think it's that important, but what do I know. After some time had passed it was time to go up and take communion. They say if your thoughts are not in the right place or you have recently sinned then you should not take part in communion but if that was to be followed no one would take it. So i got up there and put on a smile for everyone and waved to the youth group girls singing in the choir. For some reason they adore they call me a model and the nicest person ever but I know i'm far from that.


Finally I got home changed my clothes and started my choirs while my little brother and sister run wild around the house. I went outside to clean my pet guinea pig cage when my friend from down the street came by, his name was Alvin. 

Alvin: Hey I'm having a party tonight you should come over around 8 or 9 ish 

daisy: uhhhhh sure I'll come right after my youth group k?

Alvin: hahaha alright but you better hurry over were doing beer pong!

Daisy: okay see you there

I carried on with my cleaning so i can go get ready for my youth group.

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