this team effort of a story is a complete mind-fuck to say it bends reality


6. Dan

The next day at school i found my best friend Tyler she is a short blue eyed ginger. I told her everything that happened, her reaction was priceless. We were on our way across to court yard to our next class american sign language, and then lunch. It was a pretty sunny day and-


I opened my eyes, it must of been one of the most realistic dreams i'd ever had. I stretched and looked over too see a strange man, dressed like a cowboy or farmer or.......hmmm oh he looked like Tom Sawyer from Lost yeah that, i realized that i had know idea who he was and screamed,

daisy: who the hell are you i have a metal bat and i'll shove it up your ass!

guy: wow now calm down you don't remember me?

daisy: Tom Sawyer?

guy: what no i helped you out with everything missy now stop it with the bat

daisy: not till you tell me who you are

guy: dan my names dan

daisy: you don't look like a dan  

dan: well that's my name now stop being so dang hostile! you really don't remember me?

daisy: why would I remember you?

dan: i helped you handle your situation

I gave him a confused look.

dan: mmm go look in the mirror 

I cautiously walked out of my room into the bathroom next door and looked into the mirror. I had a small cut on my cheek and a bruised shoulder bone, but then i looked down and lifted my bloody shirt to see a ginormous gash across my lower stomach. this is impossible i should be dead with this kind of wound or at least feel pain. Dan walked into the bathroom and put his hand on my shoulder.

dan: now now miss lets just take it easy and-

I ran out.

daisy: mom! MOM! 

I saw my mom in the kitchen. I kept screaming and ran up to her, but I couldn't touch. No matter how badly i tried. My hands would get near her and then stiffen. I tried the same with my dad, my older brother and my little brother and sister. I went back to my room to see dan sitting there staring. My eyes swelled up with tears and i collapsed. Dan fixed up on the bed and looked me straight in the eye.

Dan: now look here missy and look good i don't know what happened with your memory but you did the same damn thing the first time and i really don't wanna go through all this again but look your dead, dead okay and there aint a single dang thing you can do about it. trust me I know I've been here for a while i watched my plantation get old and torn down and have these measly things you call a house now a days crapped over it. i was angry i was mean but i learned how to control it and now i help people move on. 

I sat there for a minute to let it sink in. Then i was ready.


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