this team effort of a story is a complete mind-fuck to say it bends reality


5. Alvin's house

I made it to Alvin's house in record time. So much for Blane i'm not sure why but the depression hasn't yet hit me. I knocked on the door, I could here someone come up and walk towards the door. I don't know too many of his friends, since we go to different schools, very very different schools. He went to big school, Daxon preparatory school, you have to be pretty smart to get in. And i went to a small private school in the middle of the ghetto, Westcoast christian academy, were there are no after school clubs, no gymnasium, no football or baseball field, just nothing. the door opens. 

alvin: hey come on in

daisy: okay doke

alvin: soooo this is bruce, nial, and chad so uh yeah haha 

daisy: uh hehe hey 

Now looking around bruce was a nerd, the uncute kind nothing much to describe. Nial was what i guessed to be a hipster, but chad -oh-my-glob- he was golden literally. He had golden skin, sun kissed blonde hair and golden brown eyes. I kept staring until i came back to earth and thought how weird i must have looked. Also do i really need this after what just happened with blane? Meh. Screw blane he's an assbutt. So sat down and started talking to them all, trying to get closer to chad but nial was being persistent on getting my number. So i dealt with it, and finally he left. Lucky for me chad was still here, so we talked and talked and i learned a lot about him. That boy was a swimmer and top of his class, just wow, was he real? Alvin and bruce didn't get the hint to go somewhere else, but it was alvin's house so whatever. Then chad had an amazing idea. He told me he had a jeep wrangler and i explained how that was my favorite car ever. So he asked me if i wanted to "check it out" and out we went. 

I walked outside to the driveway and there was a pretty little blue jeep wrangler. He got into to the drivers seat and motioned me to get in. He put the keys into the ignition and put on the radio to country music.

daisy: uuggghhhh country music is the worse way to ruin it haha

chad: what how could you not like it! what ever change to something else 

I put it on a modern rock station and amber by 311 started playing.

chad: so you go to a private school huh?

daisy: yeah it'ssss ah pretty small

chad: do have to wear those little school girl outfits

daisy: yes they're so stupid

chad: i think they're kinda hot 

daisy: hahahaha every guy thinks that until they actually go to a private school

chad: sureeeeee hehe so your the innocent little school girl?

daisy: i wouldn't say innocent

chad: really.......... prove it 

So i just climb over the console and on to his lap and kissed him. 

chad: not bad lets see were this goes 

So i continued to kiss him and i could feel his arms go up my shirt and well it was good night. I came home and crash on my bed. I had school tomorrow, shit.         

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