The Project

Jen Menda is in love with a guy she thinks doesn’t even know she exists (Jake Miller). He’s been her crush for 2 years now but she’s too scared and shy to go and tell him she likes him, but when they get paired up for a science project things start to change especially when she goes to his house to “work on the project” *wink * as they call it. As the time passes by they become more than friends and start doing more than a project. But of course little miss dumbass had to come and ruin Jens chance.


1. Jake

A/N: this is my first story so sorry if I miss quotations, spelling or things like that.

                                                                                Chapter 1: Jake

                “I love you” Jake said, wrapping his hands around my waist. “Me too” I said as I wrapped my hands around his neck and got on my tippy toes to give him a soft kiss on the lips.  We could have stood there forever for all I cared but then, “Jen” said a voice I couldn’t recognize. “Jen” they said again a little bit more loudly that time.

 “What “I said looking around realizing I was alone in my room. Just a dream. “Wake up little bunches” I heard my mom say through the door.  “Mooooooooooooooom I told you to stop calling me that, I’m not a little kid anymore”, “Well to me you are” she replied. As I stated to argue back she just ignored me and said “get ready or you’ll be late, I’ll be waiting downstairs with breakfast ready in a few minutes”. And with that she left. I got to my closet and pulled out a white tee shirt with a black bow pinned to the front, some black jeans, white converse, and a black Aerospostale sweater. Yeah I’m really into black and white.

 I went to my bathroom curled my straight black hair and added a bit of make up on. (Less is better). Unplugged my phone and stuffed it into my backpack and headed downstairs. As I was eating my pancakes I got a text message from Julissa my bff saying to meet her at the curb in 20 min. we only met at the curb when there was a total emergency. Not an emergency as a 911 emergency but the girl emergency’s like not having the right things, major news, or even needing to borrow some shoes ASAP.

I finished getting ready and headed to the curb where Julissa was anxiously waiting for me.  She has curly blonde hair, blue eyes and she’s really skinny and tall. She was wearing red skinny jeans, black vans, and a white Aeropostale tee shirt. “Guess what, guess what” she said no wait she squealed. “What” I said not as excited as her. Oh did I forget to say she’s a total drama queen. I mean she’s cool and everything but sometimes she just really takes it over the top. “I asked Andrew out” she said “I asked him out today in the morning and he said yes can you believe that”? “Wow” was all I could say “I’m happy for you” I muttered.  Julissa has had a crush on Andrew only for a week and she already had the nerve to go ask him out. While me I’ve had a crush on Jake. Jake Miller is the hottest, sexiest, cutest boy ever and I’ve had a crush on him for about two years now and I can’t even go up to him and say a simple hi. While Julissa, well you know her. I felt ashamed of myself right there.

“Are you ok”?  Julissa was asking. I sighed really loudly and then I answered “yes I’m fine”. “Oh” she said “thinking about Jake again, Hu”  “yea” I replied. “Maybe he’ll ask you to homecoming” “yea like if that’s ever gonna happen, anyways homecoming is like in two and a half more months, and do you see how Belinda is all up on him” I said. “Well” she said Jake doesn’t pay attention to Belinda anyways so you can forget about her, and things can change in two and a half months can’t they” “I-I ” I started to say before she cut me off and said “let’s go”.

A/N: should I keep it or delete it. It’s up to you guys. You decide.

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