Niall, Why'd You Go?

Meet Alexa. Your average girl. Shes beautiful, with her light brown hair, and green eyes. She's everything anyone would wanna be. But because of people being jealous of her, she has very few friends. She HAD a best friend. His name? Niall James Horan. But he moved away to audition for the X-Factor, back when they were 16 years later, Alexa graduated, and here she is without her best friend. Flash foward to 2 years later. What happens when faith brings Niall and Alexa back together? Will she forgive him? Will he forget her? And will broken hearts be mended? Read to find out ;)


8. Talking


Niall open his door and jumped out, opening the door for me on my side. Oh what a gentlemen, Note the sarcasm. As I stepped out, I saw that he brought me to Red Lobster. Wow fancy for dinner. Well he is in the biggest boy band, that's number one in like a billion countries.

We stepped into the restaurant and I couldn't help but think about whether this was a mistake or not. I hope Niall doesn't think that he could win me over tonight, because he wont.


As we sat down at the table, I was silent, and so was Niall.

"So how have you been?" Niall said, finally breaking the silence.

"Good" im sticking to one word answers, he doesnt deserve more.

He sighed in response to my answer. I looked at the menu, trying to figure out what i wanna get. After deciding forever, i made up my mind to get the Seaside Shrimp Trio.

Niall tried to continue making conversation, occasionally asking hows life and what I was gonna get. As much as I say I hate him, I really don't hate him. I just dislike him strongly for what he did to me. He doesn't even know what I've been through without him. All the bullying teasing, and other stuff that I don't want to talk about. 

Finally a waiter came to order the food, and it was a brunette girl, whose name tag says "Cindy". She kept her eyes on Niall, since she saw him in sight.

"Hi, I'm Cindy, what would you like Niall?" she said, staring at him, fluttering her eyes.

"Um I haven't decided yet, ask Alexa what she would like." said Niall, obviously not taking intrest into the waitress.

" ill have a coca cola with the Seaside Shrimp Trio."

"Ohh yum, sound good. Ill have one too." said Niall, handing the waitress our menus.

"Alexa, you don't even know how sorry i am..." began Niall.

O-m-g. Here we go again, I silently groaned. maybe I should actually listen for once.

"Im really sorry. Management made me loose contact. Its not like I never thought of you, because I did! I swear! I always wanted to ta;k to you, but I never pulled myself together to do it, because I hadn't talked to you in a few months. And I'm sorry that before all the management things happened, I bearly talked to you. I just got caught up in all the fame at first. But I never forgot you. Please believe me. I even still wear the necklace you gave me, but I put it on my ankle. Please I cant stand you being mad at me. Alexa! You were my best friend, and I'd really like if you'd be one of them again."

I was silent. I thought for a few moments. Niall never took the necklace off. He actually kept it. Omg. So he didn't forget about me. Maybe I should give him another chance. 

He put the necklace on the table to show me proof. I reached my neck to touch mine but it wasn't there, because when I saw him at the mall, i slammed it on the table. I kinda got up set for a moent, but I saw Niall take it out from his pocket and hand it to me. He put his around his neck, and I did so also. I still hadn't said anything to Niall, but then I finally spoke. 

"Aww you kept it? I guess I'll give you another chance. But right now we're only friends. My life has been terrible since you left. You don't even know what I've been through, and don't expect me to tell yo for a while. I'm still not over it. My life still hasn't gotten better, only a little. So i guess we can try to be friends again."

After dinner, Niall took me back home. I really enjoyed being with Niall. We didnt really get to catch up that much, so we'll just have to hang out again.


55 likes for the next update. Oh and Bubbles_125 help me come up with the ankle idea, so credits to her. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed Christmas like I did! Ok byee <3 until next time




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