Niall, Why'd You Go?

Meet Alexa. Your average girl. Shes beautiful, with her light brown hair, and green eyes. She's everything anyone would wanna be. But because of people being jealous of her, she has very few friends. She HAD a best friend. His name? Niall James Horan. But he moved away to audition for the X-Factor, back when they were 16 years later, Alexa graduated, and here she is without her best friend. Flash foward to 2 years later. What happens when faith brings Niall and Alexa back together? Will she forgive him? Will he forget her? And will broken hearts be mended? Read to find out ;)


1. Flashback

*******Flashback to age 13*********

My phone lit up, making a ding. I groaned and reached to get my phone that had fell on the floor. I was too lazy to get it earlier and I figured no on would text me anyways. I instantly smiled at the name that appeared on my phone.Niall :) My best friend. I've known him since I was 6. He moved here from a house a few blocks away. I loved living here in Mullingar. Niall and I instantly became best friends when we met. Actually not instantly, but you know what I mean.

From Niall<3: Hey Lex. Wanna hang out? Actually I'm not taking no for an answer. Meet me at my yard in 5 mins? :) xx

To Niall<3: Mhm kk see you then xx

From Niall<3: YAY x

I got up and looked in the mirror. Jean shorts and a light blue tank top? Its good enough. Its just Niall, plus we're neighbors so i wont have to go far. I tied my wavy, light brown hair in a pony tail, and  walked down the stairs and yelled to my mom "Bye mom, going to Niall's. Be back later."

"Okay honey, be safe.BYEE"

I walked out the house and straight to Niall's backyard. As i walked in, I saw Niall sitting on the swing, hanging from a tree.

"Heyy Best friend." I sang as I reached up to him.

"Hey Lex." He smiled. "I bought this for you. It shows our friendship, and how we'll always be best friends forever. He put it in the palm of my hand, letting me examine it. It was half of a heart, will the letter N on the back of it for Niall. When we put it together, it says N and A. and on the front it says  "Best Friends" with an infinity sign. Niall is honestly the sweetest boy I've met. He's my other half. The kids at school make fun of me for having a boy best friend, but I don't care, I wouldn't trade Niall for anything, not even a million dolllars. Actually I'm jk. Id trade Niall to be rich. Hah I'm joking again. I definitely wouldn't trade him. He completes me. Our friendship is worth more than a million dollars.

"Aww Thanks Niall, I love it. Your my best friend. I love you so much." I said, jumping in his arms and giving him a hug. He instantly hugged me back. I love Horan Hugs.

"Here let me out it on for you. I already got mine on." He reached for the necklace and spun me around. He lifted my hair from the back of my head, and put it to the side.

"Never take it off." whispered Niall. "I wont, i never will. Whenever you miss me, ill always be there right with you Lex. Ill help you through all those tough times."

"Thank you Niall. I love you forever. Your the bestest best friend ever."

That afternoon Niall and I spend the rest of the day watching "Mean Girls 1&2" Well at least I tried too, but Niall kept complaining about wanting more popcorn, typical Niall.

***************End of Flashback*************************************

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