Niall, Why'd You Go?

Meet Alexa. Your average girl. Shes beautiful, with her light brown hair, and green eyes. She's everything anyone would wanna be. But because of people being jealous of her, she has very few friends. She HAD a best friend. His name? Niall James Horan. But he moved away to audition for the X-Factor, back when they were 16 years later, Alexa graduated, and here she is without her best friend. Flash foward to 2 years later. What happens when faith brings Niall and Alexa back together? Will she forgive him? Will he forget her? And will broken hearts be mended? Read to find out ;)


5. Alexa?


Niall finally looked up and his eyes met mine. "You okay, love? I know your in shock from seeing One Direction but there's no need to cry."

Does he seriously not even remember me. It shows how screwed up he is. I was his best friend. How could he even do this to me. He clearly doesn't care about me or even remember I exist. I reached for the neck lace that was on my neck(me and niall's best friend necklace) and pulled it out, slamming it on the table, into Niall's face....


He stared at it for a few seconds, and realization came onto his face. "ALEXA?" he said.

I ran out if the mall as fast as i could ever run. I heard foot steps behind me, running after me. I was fast, but these footsteps we're faster. At this point i had tears streaming down my face. I hate Niall so much! He left me, I could never forgive him. He doesn't even know how much destruction and sadness happened to me since he left. He didn't even care. HE DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER ME! As I continued to run, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my shoulder, pulling me into their chest. I'd know that smell anywhere, Niall.

I jolted away from him and attempted to run away, but he grabbed me again.

"Alexa, please don't run." said the Irish blondie.

I didnt say anything, I just stood there, mostly due to the fact that I was tired of running and still put of breath.

"I'm Sorry." I heard him say.

This got me mad. He left me for over 2 years, so much has happened to me. I've been bullied, my life has been so hard, and he thinks he can just walk up here, say sorry, and think everything is better? Hell No.

"Sorry doesn't cut it Niall! You left me when I needed you the most, you didn't even care to call me. You ignored my calls, texts, and everything! I hate you. You just left me hanging. Did you even think about how I felt? No you didn't! Of course you didn't! Instead you just let all the fame get to you. I loved you. You were my day one, best friend. Now were nothing. We will never be friends again." I screamed, tears still streaming down my face. I don't really hate him, I just hate what he's don't to me. 

"Alexa please, I'm sorry. I just wanted to be cool for once, be famous. I guess I just got caught up in the moments. I could never forget you. And management took my phone away, and deleted all my friends numbers. I'm sorry." he said. "Can we please catch up over dinner tonight? Please?"

"Fine,bye." I sighed so I could just leave.

I turned around and started to walk away, when Niall yelled for me.

"Wait, I don't have your number. Can I have it, so i can call you?"

I typed it in his phone and walked away, still mad about him leaving me for over two years. If he thinks he's off the hook, then he's wrong. It'll be hard to be forgiven Niall.

A/N: Heyyyyy :) 35 likes for the next update ? I can't update as much as you guys want me too, because I have school and homework, and a lot of stuff to do. Are you guys as excited for Christmas as I am? I cant wait xx



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