Niall, Why'd You Go?

Meet Alexa. Your average girl. Shes beautiful, with her light brown hair, and green eyes. She's everything anyone would wanna be. But because of people being jealous of her, she has very few friends. She HAD a best friend. His name? Niall James Horan. But he moved away to audition for the X-Factor, back when they were 16 years later, Alexa graduated, and here she is without her best friend. Flash foward to 2 years later. What happens when faith brings Niall and Alexa back together? Will she forgive him? Will he forget her? And will broken hearts be mended? Read to find out ;)


9. A day out with Niall


After dinner, Niall took me back home. I really enjoyed being with Niall. We didnt really get to catch up that much, so we'll just have to hang out again.


Alexa's POV: 

The next day I woke up with Niall on my mind. It warmed my heart to think that after all the years he actually kept the necklace. 

I walked downstairs and got some breakfast, fruity pebbles, yum yum. While I was munching on my delicious cereal  my phone vibrated and made noises. 

Ding Ding . I clicked the message and it said..

From Niall>.<: Heyy love, wanna hang out today? x

To Niall>.<: Sure thing, when? x

From Niall>.<: Meet me at the park in 20? x

To Niall >.<: Mmmk x

I've got to remember to change his name in my phone later.

I took a shower and used my good smelling strawberry shampoo and conditioner for some unknown reason. Im just going to see Niall, not anyone special. Okay that may be a lie. I've always felt something for him. But oh well I'm sure its just some silly little crush.

I got out of the shower and picked out my outfit for the day.


I curled my hair at the ends, and sprayed my Victoria Secret Bombshell perfume and set off to get to the park and meet Niall.

At the Park:

I walk into the park and immediately saw Niall in his 'disguise' not wanting people to recognize him since hes in the most famous boy band in like a billion and one countries.

"Hey, nice outfit" I said chuckling ay him in his scarf, wrapped like an old woman.

"Haha verry funny" he said sarcastically, taking it off. "You look nice"

"Aww thanks youuu" I said blushing.

"Sooo we need to catch up, wanna play 21 questions?" Niall said smiling.

I nodded and started "Whats your favorite food?"

N(Im just gonna write N and A for now): NANDOS. Whats your favorite memory of us?

A: When you gave me the necklace. I always think of it. Whats your favorite memory of us?

 "Awww I remember that. That's my favorite too. Are you a virgin?" Niall said with a smirk on his face.

A: Ummm.. yes. Are you?

"Hahah nope. Who's you crush?" asked Niall, wiggling his eyebrows.

I blushed." No one. Im riding solo. Whos your crush" I asked Niall. 

"Well considering I have girlfriend, shes my crush."

When I heard Niall say that, I swear I could hear my heart tearing into pieces. He has a girlfriend? I tried to hide the sadness in my eyes.

"Ohh you have a girlfriend? Whats her name?" I asked, feeling sad.

"Her name's Avril, she has long silky dark brown hair. The most gorgeous smile, and shes so beautiful. She's amazing." said Niall, with a hint of love in his voice.

"Ohh thats good to know. Aww little Nialler has grown up." I said, feeling sad inside knowing that I'm not as beautiful as Avril and Niall will never like me like that. "Well I got to go home... um I'm tired. Gonna take a nap" I said, fake yawning. I just want to get away from Niall, I don't want him to know I'm sad about him having a girlfriend.

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