Hunger Games: Battle Of the Bands (A One Direction Story)

Its all in the title. Young people from all around the world, in fact, 10 from each state and 5 from each major country like the UK and Asia etc., are transported outside rural town Big Spring, Texas. Now don't get me wrong, Big Spring isn't the smallest town around. Coahoma is, ranking in at a population of 831, while Big Spring has a total of 27, 546. Watch as Emily, Belia, Jessica, Becka, and Crystal, 5 best friends chosen from Texas, odd enough, are thrown into what may be the best or worst situation of their lives, along with 500 or so other participants, including the worlds newest pop boy band, One Direction.


5. Chapter 5

~~Belia’s POV
“Oh, God, Please help me.” I heard Emily mumble as Rachael started screaming again beside her. Harry, oh my, he was gorgeous. Just then, he looked up at me and flashed a pearly white, toothy, dimply grin at me and just about exploded on the spot. “Um... well the lady said we were going to have neighbors, but she didn’t say they were you lovely ladies.” Zayn said, smiling. Rachael took a breath and before she could start again; I heard a smack and whimper. My head snapped over to Rachael. She had a red hand print on her cheek and Jessica was standing in front of her, fists balled at her sides. “DUDE. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.” Jessica said calmly. Jeez. Someone’s on their period. I saw a flurry of movement and I turned to see the boys walk over and sit down. We were the order of Ema, Akasia, Rachael, Becka, Louis, Emily, Niall, Jessica, Zayn, Crystal, Liam, myself, and Harry. We were mainly telling jokes and funny stories throughout the night as the fire dwindled to a faint glow, close to midnight. “Well, the fire is going out and I’m tired so I’m going to bed” Emily said as she stood up. “GOODNIGHT, CAREBEAR!!” Louis called. “Carebear?” she asked, turning around. He shrugged. “It seems like a good nick name for you.” He replied, with a smile. One by one, the boys started agreeing, nodding their heads in approval. I have to admit, he is right. She’s so caring, and if she was a teddy bear, she would definitely be my favorite. She smiled before walking back to the cabin, followed by Akasia, Rachael, Becka, Ema, and Jessica, leaving just the boys, Crystal, and I. The atmosphere around turned awkward and it was starting to get cold. “Niall, staring isn’t nice...” I heard Liam coo. His face blushed red. “AWWWW, SOMEONE HAS A CRUSHY!!!” Crystal screamed, shaking him and jumping up and down in her spot, while Louis and Harry stared in shock at how fucking psychotic she was.. I smacked her arm. “Ow.” She said, rubbing the sore area. “Sooo, who is it?” I asked with a smile. He hesitated to answer me. Zayn began nudging him. “Come one, tell us!” Liam begged. Niall drew in a sharp breath. “It’s… well... I don’t know if I should... tell you guys… because you know… you’ll tell her, and I know she won’t… you know… and I don’t want to be sad.. or embarrassed..”  He began saying, very fast. “Cut it and tell us.” Crystal demanded. “Emily.” He whispered.

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