Hunger Games: Battle Of the Bands (A One Direction Story)

Its all in the title. Young people from all around the world, in fact, 10 from each state and 5 from each major country like the UK and Asia etc., are transported outside rural town Big Spring, Texas. Now don't get me wrong, Big Spring isn't the smallest town around. Coahoma is, ranking in at a population of 831, while Big Spring has a total of 27, 546. Watch as Emily, Belia, Jessica, Becka, and Crystal, 5 best friends chosen from Texas, odd enough, are thrown into what may be the best or worst situation of their lives, along with 500 or so other participants, including the worlds newest pop boy band, One Direction.


3. Chapter 3

 Belia’s POV

  We finally arrived at the campsite. The tall Red Oaks, Evergreens, and Maples lined the driveway to the main office. “We have to sign in here.” smiled Emily, from the back. I pulled up to the office and watched as Emily ran in. she was a beautiful girl, in my honest opinion. She had really light, brown hair that extended to about the middle of her back. Her smile always brought a smile to my face. Last, but not least, her eyes. Her eyes could just melt anyone on the spot. They were a dazzling light, brown color closer to the center, and changed to a dark blue, moving out. Em ran back out with a smile plastered to her face. “Cabin 233 and we have roommates!!” she squealed, after she jumped in. we all cheered as I backed out of the driveway and followed signs that lead us to our cabin.
 As soon as the car peeked through the clearing, we saw the cabin and a shiny, silver Volvo just outside it. We quickly got out of the car and grabbed our things, before running inside. I was the last one in. As I stepped through the door, I noticed 1 girl right off the bat. She looked to be about 13. She had curly, brown hair put up in a French plat. As she turned around to greet Crystal, I saw she had BIG blue eyes. I quickly walked up to her. “Hi, my name is Rachael Eatock.” She said. “I’m Crystal and this is Belia.” Crystal said, pointing to me. I turned around and threw my bags on the nearest, empty bed, and then turned back around. I stuck out my hand and smiled at her. She shook my hand. “Nice to meet you!” she said, cheerily, turning away. I went to go make my bed.

Jessica’s POV

 I was the first of all the girls to get inside the cabin. I threw the door open and yelled, “Honey, I’m hooo-ooome!!” causing 3 other girls to look at me like I belonged in a nut house. “Hi, I’m Jessica and I am the most awesome roommate you will meet here.” I said proudly. A small, yet older looking girl walked up to me. She was petite, with flowing, straight, jet black hair, pulled back in a simple braid, which ran to her waist. “Hello, Jessica. I am Ema Porter, but you may call me Violet, if you would like to.” She smiled at me. “Hello, nice to meet you.” I replied, and then turned to go set up my area. As you can see, I’m very OCD, so I need my little corner to nice, straight, and neat. I looked up after a few minutes to see Belia and Crystal speaking to a younger girl. I heard Crystal introduce herself and Belia. “Rachael Eatock.” The girl stuck her hand out, and Belia shook her. “Nice to meet you!” she turned away and the 2 girls walked to their beds. Belia plopped down on hers, right below mine, and Crystal began making her bed, on top, right beside me. I smiled and lay back, listening to the little chatter going on around me. I fell into a nice peaceful nap soon after, dreaming of rainbows and unicorns.

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