Hunger Games: Battle Of the Bands (A One Direction Story)

Its all in the title. Young people from all around the world, in fact, 10 from each state and 5 from each major country like the UK and Asia etc., are transported outside rural town Big Spring, Texas. Now don't get me wrong, Big Spring isn't the smallest town around. Coahoma is, ranking in at a population of 831, while Big Spring has a total of 27, 546. Watch as Emily, Belia, Jessica, Becka, and Crystal, 5 best friends chosen from Texas, odd enough, are thrown into what may be the best or worst situation of their lives, along with 500 or so other participants, including the worlds newest pop boy band, One Direction.


1. Chapter 1

 Dear Diary,

          I'm not sure how it all began, all the horror we are having to deal with now a days, but my Momma says its been around for ages. What exactly is 'it'? Well, 'it' is a GAME. A stupid game, if you ask me, which.. you kinda are...  'The People' (stupid cunts who act like they rule the entire fucking universe) host an annual 'game' every year, for THEIR entertainment. I don't understand their point of view, though. How can they force 500+ CHILDREN, who still have lives to live, people to meet, weddings and love to experience, to go and SLAUGHTER for 'THE PEOPLES' ENTERTAINMENT?? I mean, seriously, just watch a 4D movie or something... or jump off a cliff... Yes, that would be an ABSOLUTE THRILL wouldn't it? Turn the tables around, I'll ENJOY your pain, TRUST ME, I can promise you that much. Like I said, they LITERALLY pick 10 names from a BOWL for each STATE, 5 female, 5 male, and raffle them off like cattle. I'M SURE I WOULD RATHER TAKE BEING PROCESSED, AND SOLD LIKE DIRT, WOULDNT YOU?? I definitely DO NOT want to have to kill other kids, just for my freedom, and I doubt they would want to do the same. Other people in other countries have it easier. Just 5 from each major continent, like Asia, for example. ONLY 5!! Where as they pick TEN from each STATE. Jesus, and they wonder why the Suicide Rate has increased so dramatically? I swear, if my little Kally Bear ( She's my 9 yr. old sister) gets depressed because of them, or stressed with her being required to submit her name at NINE.... Oooooo... They got it coming. PREPARE FOR ME TO UNVEIL THE POWER AND TRUTH OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE. Well, I need to go pack up. Long weekend planned camping with my girls. Belia, Jessica, Crystal, Becka and some 'surprise people' are going to be there tonight. Belia texted me earlier saying she invited a few other people she knew from school. I just hope nothing goes wrong. Like last year.... Okay before I completely shut down on you, I am going to go...

      Loves ya dearly,


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